Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!

This is exactly how I have been feeling all week, like I have a personal stormy cloud raining on my parade, thank God this darn week is over!!

I am excited about

the onset of a new week.

Today I am Feeling



My Funky Friday Theme Song Is





Instant pick me up 😀


Swedish House Mafia ~ How hot are these dudes? #slurp



This Weekend I

plan on meeting up with some friends, chilling and I MUST GO TO CHURCH somehow..

I am really craving

I wish

I never bothered in the first place, this cycle has become to vicious for me.

I also wish all my friends a safe journey as they travel.

I hope

I can restore my relationship with God, I have neglected him for a while now. And yes, it totally sucks that I am turning to him now, when things are not going my way, but I feel like all this is happening so that I can be led back to the almighty. I can only hope I am facing these challenges to grow stronger, and to appreciate what I have now.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘Never let go of that fiery sadness, yet motivational power called desire.’

Have a Fantastic Friday!!!!



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