Of all sorts of things

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I don’t wanna grow up,

as a kid there was so much less in life to worry about.

My pet peeves then seem minute

as compared to todays’..

of work and things

My first week of work in my post 8-4-4 life was overwhelming to say the least.I had incessantly moaned about how i couldn’t wait to finish my exams and was ready to be that chik that got her own.The downside was I didn’t have much of a break and my 2 month plan of snoozing till midday and beyond had been abruptly cut short. My syke for applying what I had learnt in school died , as soon I realised that I had left most of what was relevant to my Job in the examination room.

But I was not an old dog, so I learnt some new tricks!I met some really cool peoples at work ,some new,some old friends and that really went a long way in making my work experience memorable.

Then I got complacent and just in time, a new opportunity arose which I halfheartedly jumped on.

couldn’t wait to go back to school but I also didn’t want to leave everything I was used to…..which I did.

of school and things


After each major examination I have sat for in my life, I have eagerly awaited  the completion

of the next one.After the  short stint at work i couldn’t wait to go back to school. It seemed so much easier

but in retrospect i believe the amount of mental effort that goes into both work and school could be best rated at par.

So I went back to school and now I can’t wait to leave. As a student there is only so much i can do…On the upside,unlike work at school I can oversleep, abscond when i feel like it, carry out most of my activities last minute and the only person I would have to answer to is myself and my holidays are much,much longer. I think in this year alone i have been officially on holiday for about 5 months distributed hither and thither…

I know one day soon I’ll wish for those free days i so readily complained about being too many.

Although it is said that one can never stop learning ,i think its about time i had the rest of my education from the world and things .

Still in a transition of sorts so ,this may be later than sooner.

of family and things

As a kid at home, I  got away with so much. I wouldn’t say I was spoilt but life seems so much more complex now that I am  older.The worst that could happen then was a bout with the siblings or getting a beating or a scolding from the folks, which  could soon be forgotten.Now on the other hand a lot more could happen let’s just leave it at that.

I love my Fam to bits.Through agreements and disagreements blood is still thicker than water.

Through ups and downs I try to remember that God placed each and every one us where we are for a reason

and I believe family shapes us into the people we are today give or take a character trait.

of  friends and things

There are friends I consider family,people who I know have my back and I would do my utmost best to have theirs.

For the first time in my life this year I had to make friends from scratch.six degrees of separation I guess. At all other stages in my life most of the friends I  had, I knew before or got to know through other friends.

Ofcourse at first I failed miserably but in time (some months) I kinda came out of my shell.which i think i have crawled back into.

I have gained some and lost some.

Thats relationships I guess, some are worth fixing,  others aren’t.

of guys and things


I think this would need another post.

of Faith and things

of new years resolutions and things

Honestly I don’t think i can remember the bucket list i made at the beginning of 2010.Those I made on my birthday which should officially have begun my new year I have decided to discard,partly because some seem unattainable while others I simply can’t be bothered with now.

A lot can change in a month.so anywho at the moment I think no.1 on my bucket list will be: for a change ,to write

down the list and put it somewhere I can refer to in future.

ooooooh and no.2 is God-willing, to do or have at least one thing that I love everyday for a consecutive 365 days starting soon.

Fortunately/Unfortunately the rest of the list is for my eyes only!


#Nowplaying Chiddy Bang- Opposite of Adults



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