Destiny ~ building a bridge to the one u love.

The above title was ‘borrowed’ from the movie ‘My sassy girl’. I’v just finished watching it for the second time, this time round i did not shed a tear. I cannot say the same thing for the 1st time i saw it.
The movie is about this couple, a seemingly bipolar chic and a well rounded focused young man. The chic drinks too much, and is bossy and very random and makes the dude indulge in the crazyest things. At some point it seems like she is hell bent on ruining his pursuit for his dream job. But nonetheless he stays with her, even though she declared they are seeing each other, yet they hadn’t even shared a kiss. Needless to say he falls in love with her, go figure, otherwise why would he keep taking the nonsense she throws his way. I do not want to spoil the movie for you, so please look for it if you want to find out the interesting yet sad twist to the story.
So destiny is the bridge to the one you love. Do i believe in destiny? Hmmm i believe some things were not meant to be, timing is always wrong, circumstances are never in my favor etc etc
I do not know who or what my destiny is. I never believe things are meant to be. Call it a mindset for ‘ when the deal is too good, think twice.’ I’m also sometimes afraid to go for what i want. (or should i say who) Too many things are at stake, most importantly my heart and my pride.
Sometimes i wonder why i should fight for someone, when it does not seem like they are putting up much of a fight for me..
Those sentiments alone should tell you that i think my destiny is a deserted island that no one can ever have access to.
Boy do i sound like such a sap. Every girl has those days, do men ever have them?
Let’s just say certain revelations precipitated this post, plus watching My sassy girl did not help matters.
So yes, i am a cynic when it comes to matters of the heart, and that fact does not work in my favor (o.O)
i’m shutting up now…


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