‘Thank God It’s Friday!’
It is the first Friday of 2011 and i’m in bed, enjoying the last days of my holiday which has been pretty spectacular so far 🙂

‘I am excited about’

Seeing him again…

‘Today I’m Feeling’

Relaxed, somehow my body has unknotted, no more headaches 🙂
I also feel really appreciated and i think i should show the people in my life more appreciation.

‘My Funky Friday Theme Song Is’

Gimme Dat by Ciara, you should try dancing along to the video, it’s quite fun 🙂

‘This Weekend I’

Plan on enjoying the last few days that my friends have in Kenya.

‘I am really craving’

It’s really strange how the things i crave come to pass unlike my wishes *shrugs* Anyway I know what I want, hopefully i’ll be brave enough to go out and get it!

‘I wish’

I had more time, or that it would slow down or pause even.

‘I hope’
no drama spills over to me, i like my life carefree.

‘Today’s Inspirational Quote Is’

‘Love got lost when we started laying down rules for when love should or should not appear’ The Zahir.

Have a Fantastic Friday!!


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