Word of thanks

I would like to extend a big thank you to all of my guest bloggers who took part in the 12 guest posts for Christmas, it was kind of short notice, but you guys still came through and for that I am extremely grateful and I really appreciate it.

To everyone who reads this blog, you now have 11 new blogs to add to your reading list/ blog rolls, and I hope you liked my Christmass gift to you.

There are many other bloggers whom I would love to feature on my blog, so look out for more guest posts, and if you are a blogger, get ready because I will hala at you soonest.

Have a blessed Christmas, filled with nothing but good cheer.

Kisses and cookies,

3 thoughts on “Word of thanks

  1. It was great reading the series of posts, it was a refreshing reminder of the simple pleasures of light hearted honest blogging back in the days before FB and the angry blogs poped up on the scene.
    Thanks for bringing us the wonderful reading material.

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