11th guest post for Christmas: Disaster103

Next up is the very first person to grace Revealed with a guest post, Mr not 101, not 102, but Disaster 103, formerly known as my secret admirer, currently referred to as my twove 😉

He once had a blog, but deleted before ever giving me the link yeah i’m not letting that slide.   I really think he should start one up, because he writes really well as you will come to read below, and has great stories to tell.



My Year In Review

The year is coming to a close. It is not uncommon to hear people say that a certain year went by in a flash and what not. Though I find the statement extremely cliché I can honestly say that this year went by so very fast. It’s hard to believe, for example, that it was only last year when I had the misfortune blessing of meeting….nay, tweeting the author of this here wonderful, glittery blog. The year went by fast but that doesn’t mean that little happened.

Last year right around this time I would be curled up in my bed, music playing on my laptop with my phone either on Twitter™ or Mxit™(am paranoid about being sued) One year ago one of my shortest but most emotionally engaging relationships was in budding stage, the catch? She was older…and I was being charged 8 bob per 10 Mb or something by Safaricom for being in love. I was in love, online…which btw sucks…sucks worse than my punctuation. That came, and woke up my heart which previously had achieved the great fete of playing dead for decades…she turned my world upside down, literally. Last year Cold Play was just a band with attachment issues to me but thanks to her I found myself at that point in life where songs like Fix You started making sense. Again, not cool. Brothers I assure you, you don’t want to be in that pace where coldplay’s ‘The hardest; part applies to your life. That ended with a little heartbreak and a few coldplay songs on my playlist. Right now though only coolish songs like talk remain coz am Wolverine like that and I uuuunghed!!! out the pain….anywho that’s that and I moved on.

Met a lot of cool people this year, mostly thanks to Twitter™ which kicks Facebook™’s(?) ass by a mile btw. Nature allowed me to meet this girl/lady who I would only describe as peer pressure in a very beautiful package…she is sugar spice and everything alcoholic and I look forward to successful future inebriation sessions with her, in 2011 and beyond. Also met a few cool dudes…one especially stands out coz of his marginal propensity to perpetuate muhahe on a major scale. He actually makes a living out of it so no guilt there. Met a few more LGBT-ians, always a pleasure to meet people brave enough to live their lives as they want to.

I fell in lust with a girl who ended up becoming a very good friend. Then fell in lust with another one and secured her conjugal rights and a little bit of her heart which is still hung up somewhere else. Am not in any rush to secure that part, all good things come to those who connive and plot and launch takeover bids..so yeah in time Coldplay might be dusted off the shelf again.

Almost, almost became a daddy in 2010 which was a seriously tough experience for me but wacha that…another lesson learnt. Doomed is the man that is allergic to latex. At this point I seem to come across as the most promiscuous person but truth be told, am not….especially this year. I’m hoping to be even less promiscuous in 2011 but that’s a story for another decade.

Lots of fads came about this year which I dodged like the ninja I am. I didn’t don an Arafat, Mohawk my hair, wear those goofy as hell huge ass ‘geek’ glasses or do skinny jeans coz my nuts won’t fit. I basically was y fashion backwards, comfortable in my black skin self. And I also decided to extend my growing up deadline by a year. So October 7th next year al grow up. I’m not the kind of person to let growing up come naturally. I loathe suits with a passion which is kind of retarded considering I am doing Economics and will have to penguin up sooner rather than later. So I have to set a specific deadline for being young when I have to force myself to take that jump. Not looking forward to that transition at all.

Tid bits about 2010.  Second semester I commandeered the conjugal rights of a chubby chick…Oh My God that was epic. You have to understand, I don’t discriminate in that sector but I always end u with small bodied mamas so this was a new frontier. It was a little struggle I won’t lie, so what if I have skinny arms and she wasn’t getting my subtle hints when I wanted her to twist kidogo but that is definitely something I will do again. Sooonest! I got a crazy pair of flatmates…Moses is a douchebag with a one year old kid. His baby mama has a bod that stops traffic all the way from here to Mars. Lai is a Sierra Leon born douchebag with a foot fetish and some serious brain dysfunction. He invented the phrase “but a pair of toes” which to him matters more than ‘butter face’…so yeah that’s what I deal with everyday but it’s fun. And are toes really a pair? I dunno. As most people who follow me on twitter know this year I have perfected the fine art of tripping on flat surfaces, I swear am not even surprised these days when I trip…I don’t instinctively look back to see what tripped me, it’s that bad.

My 2010 is dedicated to my 8 bob for 10Mb per day relationship, to the troop of bloggers who took it upon themselves to fuel my procrastination led by Cassandrae and this here blog, to all the tweeps I met and all my 396 followers and finally, to all those people that kept the real world interesting when the internet put up a serious stake for the control of my life, and to over 1000 episodes of anime that kicked all the seriousness out of my life. To all the life lessons that came this year and all the friends that I gained this year…to the few who I lost as friends and to the cousin who crossed over.

The next decade is uniquely special for me. This is the one that’s supposed to hold a lot for me. By the end of this decade I should be done with school…like completely and forever. And there is a possibility that by the time I write 2020 in review there might be a little disaster103 running around, shitting his pants and basically just making me pay for being such a hard to deal with child for my parents. Whatever the decade holds for me I hope I come out at the other end just as happy as I have this one, hopefully with all my family and friends still around. Here’s to hoping that we will all meet here or at a similar forum…a year from now ready to share a little more of our lives with faceless/anonymous comment strings. Have a fun and safe Christmas and a longer and more productive 2011.






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