9th guest post for Christmas: Joliea

Our next post comes from a lady who describes herself as extremely open minded and pretty 🙂

Personally I would describe Joliea as someone who fights for the plights of others and stands up for what she believes in. She is against discrimination based on one’s sexual inclination or behaviour and fights against hate speech, and ensures that these people are treated with the same dignity and respect that other people get.

Check out Joliea’s blog Me I Think and read more about human rights, stories from The Princess Project, Monday Rants, TGIFridays and various other musings from the mind of Miss Joliea.



What does Christmas mean to me?

Well I could go back in time and reminisce on the times I had before but that wont help much. I guess my beliefs nowadays have changed and I no longer ‘believe’ much about christmas – only that it’s a holiday I look forward to because I rarely ever get time off from work *sigh*.

Christmas back in the day involved so many things. Remember when we had “nguo za krisi”? Oh gosh those were the days. We’d spend a whole year shopping around for the bestest clothes to wear for christmas and when the time came our mummies would give us a piece of their “bonus” from work so we could go shop for the xmas clothes. Then we’d make sure we never touch them till xmas day. They’d be put in a selected area after properly cleaned and ironed and a dash or two of perfume is sprayed on them LOL.

Then when the day finally came we’d all wake up excited because all our cousins, friends and family were meeting up to have one huuuuge xmas party at “Roasters”!! We always went to Roasters. It was a family tradition. We’d usually meet up at “Wimpy” (now Kenchic) Tom Mboya St since that was the best meeting spots. All of us were excited to see one another and we exchanged stories of how we (with/out our parents) hunted down the best ever xmas clothes and finally landed on the ones we had on.

We would then all cram up in two or three cars (mind you we were like 20!) sitting on one another and praying along the way for “journey mercies” because we knew how bad the roads were and how dangerously packed the cars were but no one cared. I remember we loved playing with the horses and had several horse rides, we played on the swings till it got dark, ate lots and lots of nyama choma and fries and what nots. Oh what a lovely time it was! The grown ups would drink and make merry while they got tipsy and eventually drunk. I remember we were scared when we knew the same people were going to be the ones driving. We simply had no choice.

Looking back now, I am left to wonder where in my story does “Christmas” and its meaning have to do with any of that. Is christmas merely a time to make merry and have fun? Have we lost its true purpose? Or are we going to hide in the excuse of “oh its Jesus’ birthday so we’re celebrating”? Are we going to claim that we truly are doing so?

Think about it!


2 thoughts on “9th guest post for Christmas: Joliea

  1. The days we remember with nostalgia and then whisper a silent prayer that nothing wrong happened thereafter with drunk “parents” driving.

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