10th guest post for Christmas: Wamathai

I think every Kenyan blogger has asked Wamathai to guest post on their blog, so of course I had to follow suite and jump onto that band wagon 🙂

He is most popularly known for his poetry. He has the ability to use his words to express how he feels, mold them into an art form and captivate you in the process.

What first began as a Facebook group with thousands of fans, eventually grew into a fully fledged website Wamathai. This is a platform where Wamathai himself showcases his poetry, and provides an avenue for other poets to share their work.

Look out for Wamathai Spoken Word, a poetry event organised by Wamathai every month for a chance to see poets do their thing, live and direct.



The ones that got away

There are some things that happen in life and it’s not easy to explain them especially when they happen over and over. Let’s take me for instance. I seem to mess things up with women I really like or something just happens and we don’t end up together. I find it interesting how you can feel so strongly about someone but nothing of significance ever happens between the two of you even though you want it to and you are left wondering what if. It’s probably a good thing nothing ever happened but still.  Here are a few examples & yes, they are true stories.

Miss W

I loved among other things, her big expressive eyes. She could entice you with just her eyes if she put her mind to it. I was introduced to her by a friend of mine who she was doing at the time though she has always denied that anything happened between them. I’m sure something went down because my friend was a talker and he rarely lied about such things. He didn’t need to. He was a rapper (still is, I think) with songs in the charts and very popular with the ladies. He famously did someone he had just met in the same bed that I had blacked out in. Her boyfriend was in the living room at the time.

She liked my rapper friend but he wasn’t interested in anything serious since he had a girlfriend. She gave up on him before long and it worked in my favour since we started seeing each other a lot after that. It helped that she lived near my place and that we had both just completed high school and had a lot of free time. Her place was a bit crowded and her parents were not known to be very friendly so we were at mine most of the time. My siblings were in school, sister in college & brother in high school, and my mother was at work during the day so it was a perfect location. We were kissing before long & the clothes came off some time after that. For some inexplicable reason we never actually had sex. I had a reputation & anyone who knew back then would not believe me. I think I cared about her & I wanted something more. She went downtown on me however & I reciprocated but that was that.

She must have sensed that I wanted something more because she suddenly became distant & she stopped coming to my house. They moved out not long after that and it was years before I saw her next. I bumped into her in town and we started communicating regularly after that. One day she told me something interesting. ‘You are special to me because you were my first’ she said. I went quiet after that.

Miss T

I met her when I was two. We lived next door to each other & I saw her all the time but I didn’t think she was all that. I hadn’t discovered girls yet you see. My baby brother clearly discovered them early; he was caught doing the nasty with Miss T when he was only three & she was four. It was that, let me be daddy & you’ll be mummy ‘kalongo’ sex. She, another neighbour (let’s call him O) and I went to the same nursery school (same class even) as we were the same age. When she was six they moved to someplace far and I forgot about her completely. She moved back into my hood eleven years later and my, hadn’t she changed. She had sprouted a big badoonka-doonk where a flat ass had once been. Aside from the physical she was pretty cool and very mature. I enjoyed her company immensely and I spent as much time with her as I possibly could. I wasn’t the only one bedazzled with her, O was as well. We’d grown up together and he was my boy so I wasn’t worried about competition from him because I thought he’d back off as I’d shown interest in her first.

I could tell that she liked me and with that in mind I asked her to be my girl. She told me to give her time to think about it which I did. I was so sure she was going to say yes but in the end a no is what I got. She told me that her reason for saying no was that her mum wouldn’t approve. It just didn’t ring true but I didn’t press.  It later came out that her reason for refusing to go out with me was the lies O told her about me. He painted me as a womanizer and a fickle person while also furthering his cause. They eventually started going out but it didn’t last long. We are still friends and I see her now and then. Last I heard she got married and has one child.

Miss G

I met her after church one Sunday. She was with people I know & we got to talking. She was beautiful & pretty interesting but she looked so young and because of that I knew that I wouldn’t make a move on her. After she left I asked my pal about her and it turned out she wasn’t as young as I thought. All I could think of when I he told me that was that I hadn’t asked her for her number. My pal didn’t have it either.

I met her sometime later though at a concert and the most interesting thing was that she didn’t remember me at all. I found that odd but I didn’t say anything or give it much thought. She was still as interesting as before and we go so caught up with our conversation that we forgot about the concert. Before we parted I made sure to ask for her number. We met a couple of times after that and before long we started dating.

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t like visiting a girl’s place if she lives with her parents. G had suggested that I go to her place but I had always had an excuse for not doing so but this one time she insisted and so I agreed to. I remember it was a Saturday afternoon & part of the reason she picked that day was because her parents weren’t around. I got there and she went to fix me something in the kitchen. She had just brought it when the front door opened and someone walked in. It was her twin, the real G. Turns out I had thought L was G but how was I know she had a twin. The relationship didn’t last long partly because of the G situation though L never found out that we met each other before she introduced us. I met the two of them a year ago and awkward does not begin to describe that moment.

So those are some of my ‘the ones that got away’ experiences. I wish that things would have happened differently of course but I know that it is experiences like this that make life interesting.

© james wamathai


4 thoughts on “10th guest post for Christmas: Wamathai

  1. Kama ningekuwa wewe… Ningejaribu bahati ya combination moja gwan ya L&G coz whats good for the Home Appliance maker, definitely has to be good for me! L&G and Life would truly be GREAT!

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