8th guest post for Christmas: Kawiria

The next guest blogger is a personal friend of mine whom I managed to convince to start blogging. I remember when I was running the idea by her, she was like she would not have stuff to write about.

Well look at her now!! She has so many interesting things to say on her blog Snippets of my life about everything from relationships, to entreprenuership, there is something for everyone. I am glad she decided to take the plunge.

I also really admire the fact that she puts her blog out there and reveals everything she writes about to not only strangers but also to the people she knows. I can readily admit that I am not brave enough or ready to do put myself out there.

Kawi also follows the TGIFridays movement that I tried to start, and added her own personal twist to it, which makes it even cooler so make sure you stay tuned every Friday.



Christmas *not the same anymore*

How come nowadays Christmas doesn’t feel as special as it was a few years ago … When I was younger that is. Everything is so different now. Is that what growing up is all about? Cheap thrills are becoming more expensive.

If my memory serves me right, small things like movie marathons on TV during the holidays and cartoons in the morning used to make us SUPER happy … not kidding. If folks get us take out, that was just heaven and they knew it, so it was worth a surprise. Nowadays, they bring you pizza, your first reaction is

“I wanted Meat Deluxe, not Hawaiian”.

Before it didn’t matter what pizza it was, all that mattered is that your parents brought you something. And that totally made your day.

Gone are the days that you are taken for Christmas shopping to buy new clothes, or watch Christmas movies and cartoons all day. Right now there’s no time to do that. It’s like the world is moving at such a fast pace than we can keep up. Normally, people are supposed to be on holiday mode … by that I mean, no work, just relaxing. But we cannot afford to do that, businesses need to run, people need to make money, and the economy still needs to be held stable or we’ll go down under.

I really miss those days. To be honest weren’t it for my friends and family asking me what I’m doing over Christmas or when we are closing office, I wouldn’t have known it’s Christmas time. It just feels like any other normal day or time. Town is not decorated as it used to be, with Santa images and Christmas bell deco’s with Christmas jingles singing everywhere. Is that how it is when you grow up or has it completely changed for everyone?

Our radars for occasions is on negative, we never realize the seasons. Christmas used to be a special time. Do people still send cards? I remember we used to buy a pack of many cards and send to our relatives and friends. And we would receive them too. We would decorate the house with ribbons and balloons, we would get a Christmas tree and the gifts thing at the bottom of the Christmas tree on Christmas day … although I was a bright kid, I’ve never believed in Santa, so I knew it’s my parents who’ve bought the gifts. We would go to church, dressed up in new clothes, which were specifically bought for Christmas day. Then go and eat, eat and eat … alooot! Sometimes we had parties to go to… which I loved because I would hang out with my cousins … the dancing, eating, drinking, catching up. Sometimes we would go back home and watch movies and do lots of nothing which is my other favorite pass time.

I’m remembering that now and I’m thinking; that to me was Christmas. It was fun. I know it was the day that Christ was born, but I also knew it’s the season you can get away with anything. It’s a season for fun and nothing less. Now it really doesn’t have a strong meaning. I mean it’s just Christmas..*YaaaY* we’ll get off from work. But there’s something different, it’s just not the same anymore.

This Christmas, I look forward to going home to my parent’s house and getting all the love … yeah I’m still a baby to them. I will buy gifts and surprise them on the morning if Christmas. We are all grownups now, so there’s no one to please. So basically, there’s going to be lots of food and drinks, movies, maybe parties, but no decorations, no new clothes, no Christmas cartoons … Do they even have them on the T.V line up anymore?

I hope when I really grow up…lol, seeing as I still have a long way to go and I get my own family, I will give my kids and family in general  the Christmas memory my parents gave me and my sister or maybe even better. That I’ll have time to make it merry for them despite the load of work and always make it the *fun  and nothing less day* it’s supposed to be.


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

2 thoughts on “8th guest post for Christmas: Kawiria

  1. This sounds like something stolen from my own thoughts 🙂 I so totally agree. Christmas no longer has that sparkle and tingly excitement it once had. And back then, ppl used to make an effort to make sure the spirit of Christmas was always ablaze, now ppl are too busy to bother. Make the difference for those around you, especially ur kids, kid nephews and nieces. They’ll love it!

  2. @Starr True that..atleast I’m not weird. I used to think i’m the only one seeing the difference. Christmas nowadays is just like any other holiday. But it’s for us to make it merry.
    In that case, Merry christmas and enjoy it to the max.

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