7th guest post for Christmas: Rockhead

My Life as a Rockhead is one of those blogs that make you reflect about your spirituality, and your relationship with God. Rockhead shares about her love for rock, her life experiences and her connection with God.

Rock music speaks to her and she shares her interpretation of it and how it affects her and relates to her life.

I honestly really do admire her spirituality, and her honesty about it. She makes me wish my relationship with God was stronger than it is today.



My dating chronicles

Guy 1 – Boyfriend (here I use the term loosely)

I was thirteen, he was fourteen or fifteen yet he was in Std 7 and I was in Std 8 (go figure).
I should have noticed such crucial things from the beginning; it was doomed before it started. I mean, why was he fifteen and in a class lower than mine? I am not one to judge but still…

Our relationship was full of ups and downs in the span of two weeks that it lasted. The breakup was a silent one. I just stopped talking to him and he stopped talking to me. If only break-ups were as easy now. Sigh.

Guy 2 – Lifelong Crush

I met him when I was sixteen and he was twenty-one. I refused to be his girlfriend because he was too old and I felt I wasn’t ready to date. We had this whole non-relationship thing going for a while there then we drifted apart. It revived again over the years periodically and most recently I decided to “end” it, quietly. Hehe. Ask me later how that’s going.

Guy 3 – Boyfriend

I met him when I was nineteen when I was a first year university student. He pursued me with much vigour and vitality and before long I was in the box! Ours was those dramatic everybody-knows-your-dating, always-hanging-out-together, everybody-knows-your-drama kind of relationships. It was dramatic, full of break-ups and make-ups and overall bad for my health and well-being. It ended as dramatically as it began and wasted two years of my campus life when I could have been meeting way cooler guys. He was sweet though, sometimes. On the bright side,…..um…..there is no bright side.

Guy 4 – Rebound Guy

After I broke up with Guy 3, Guy 4 who had been on the sidelines posing as my caring friend, showed up. What ensued was a short tryst that I knew wouldn’t last even as it started. Complicated is the word I’d use to describe it. It didn’t help that Guy 4 was one of Guy 3’s best friends. Enough said. (I’m still a good girl though, please believe me!)

Guy 5 – Potential Boyfriend

Finally, I thought. For once, a guy I like who likes me back at the same time!

Only, he had a girlfriend and neglected to tell me…except, I was browsing through his Facebook page, minding my own business, when lo and behold, I came upon the dreaded relationship status “in a relationship with Miss X”. Of course I went to Miss X’s page and lo and behold again, she was an actual person! It didn’t end there but that is a story for another day.

Guy 6 – Pursuer 1

He was cool, a gentleman, a tad boring and very caring. Sadly I didn’t feel the same. I do miss the cool dates though. Oh, what happened, you ask? Honestly I don’t know. He just slipped away as quietly as he came. This was also the time I started calling guys I didn’t like who liked me “pursuers”. Haha.

Guy 7 – pursuer 2

Seasonal guy; knows how to buy gifts, especially food-related ones. I mean seasonal because he appears and disappears without warning, kinda like my own personal angel? Or ghost. Could be either – or really.

And thus summarizes my uneventful and yawn-worthy dating life. Of course there have been many more crushes and eyes-meeting-across-the-room moments. I’m looking forward to better encounters in the New Year; I clearly need new experiences (I know you are yawning vigorously by now, so am I).

Wish me luck!





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