Rihanna gets LOUD

I am totally loving the new Rihanna. I like the fact she redefines herself whenever she releases her albums, and comes out with a new look and a new feel every time.

Loud reveals a happy go lucky Robin, with fiery red hair, who is high spirited, hopeful, positive and has moved on from the whole Chris Brown saga and onto a happier phase in her life.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.

S&M is an upbeat tune that can become an anthem for all the naughty girls out there 😉 What’s not to love about this song. It has a nice catchy beat, which is kind of reminiscent of SOS. I hope she shoots a video for this jam FTW.

California King Bed has a nice acoustic sound to it, and Rihanna’s vocals sound terrific. If she put some effort, this can be a great track to perform live.

Cheers (drink to that) has a rockish feel to it, and Rihanna has sampled audio from Avril Lavigne I hate how some people pronounce Lavigne like lasagne bleh. I like how she says Jameson, though I do not particularly fancy that drink.

Cheers to the freaking weekend I’ll drink to that.

I love her verses in Love the way you lie part 2 she sounds amazing, I am not a fan of the chorus though, simply because part1 was overplayed. Eminem of course kills it on the rap.

Skin is a raunchy steamy tune which may get you all hot and bothered 😉

I think Complicated is a song every girl can relate to. Sometimes things can get very complicated with some men.

You’re not easy to love.

In Man down Rihanna embraces her carribean roots. The song has an upbeat reggae tempo and I like how her Barbadian accent comes out, she sounds very good.

I love the instrumentals on Fading, very beautiful. The song is catchy and I know it will definitely reach many people who have been hurt by their significant others in one way or another. Personally I’d dedicate it to my ex 🙂

You said you loved me, but they feel like words to me.

I was a bit disappointed by Raining men which features Nicki Minaj. It sounds very bubble gum and commercial, I cannot put my finger on it. I expected much better. I can only imagine the insanity these two will get up to in the video.

We all know how in love I am with Only girl. It has an uber cool dance feel to it, catchy beats that make u bop up and down to. I absolutely love the video, she looks absolutely gorgeous frolicking among the flowers in that very hot backless corsette, I want!!! This should be every girls anthem.


Oh na na na What’s my name is my current obsession. The instrumentals are amazing, I doubt she can pull the song off live. I still think Drakes rap makes no sense except from:

I heard you good with them soft lips, yeah you know word of mouth.

It is a song you just cannot get out of your head, instilling crazy thoughts and impossible expectations, but I still love it nonetheless. Plus she looks so gorgeous in the video, her pretty eyes, funky nail polish and awesome tattoos, can someone say girl crush!!


Loud is one of those album’s which you can listen to through and through and enjoy every track. If I was to award it stars, I would give it 4 and a half.


2 thoughts on “Rihanna gets LOUD

  1. you are in the wrong career AND pay grade!! you should do like music critique-ing pieces…that was Sanaa Lathan’s career in Brown Sugar 🙂 consider it 🙂 you are muy magnifico at this!!

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