Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!


A big congratulations to my cousin and all the University of Nairobi students graduating today!! Big up yourselves!!

I am excited about

Being mobile next week. Yes, it seems like my vehicular phobia is almost gone, so I will be facing that fear head on, wish me luck!

Today I am Feeling

Sleepy, after watching Jennifer’s Body which had an interesting story line, but Megan Fox’s acting was a bit wanting, I ended up sleeping after midnight.

My flu is not better, anyone interested in switching noses??

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is


Wow its really hard to find a sugababes pic with Mutya my favorite



Too lost in you by Sugababes.

Since my radio got busted, I usually book MTV, or TRACE on my telly in the morning to listen to music when I wake up, but last night on the program guide I saw I-Con, the live concert channel was showing Sugababes and I was so stoked. I really love that band, and they performed so well, I would definitely attend one of their concerts even though none of the original members of the group are there any more.

This weekend I

plan on resting and relaxing, at home, in my bed, bonding with my telly.

I am really craving

Any accessory with angel wings, I think they look super cool.



I wish

Other people would quit acting like fools and involving me in their screw ups and complicating my life for nothing!!!

I hope

I do not mess the car up in anyway or I am so dead.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.’ Homer Simpson.

Have A Fantabulous Friday!!!!


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