1st of the month

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The season to be jolly is finally upon us 😀  Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Today is World AIDS Day so take a minute to go get yourself tested, or do something nice for someone who has AIDS.

I heard a chilling story today about someone’s friend of a friend (remember 6 degrees of separation??) who was dating some guy. She always used to nag him about them going to get tested, but he used to rubbish the idea so they never got to go. So one time, she started feeling weird, her body was behaving funnily so she decided to go get tested. Low and behold she had contracted the disease. She still continued trying to convince the guy to go get tested. One day he just upped and left with all her belongings (he used to live with her).

I think it is important to get tested before doing the did with someone new, or at least using protection, better yet abstain. Be safe people.

November Highlights

November was a hell of a month!!! I had such a blast, partied like it was running out of style. I celebrated with the November babies, and had plenty of cake just like I had wanted to 🙂

I went on a road trip which was beyond epic!!! We went to Embu with a bunch of friends for the weekend. Met some cool people there too, and we really had a splendid time. I would kill to go back there.

I won a ticket to blankets and wine last Sunday (for once) thanks to Rupu Kenya. Check out their website here for more amazing deals and give aways. The event itself was amazing, had fun kicking it with my girls and meeting so many of my friends. The performances rocked, especially Kidum of course.

I got to ride in a Mercedes S350, and I have not been able to shut up about it. When I grow up, I would kill for a car like that!


Thing of beaurry


photo read more about this car here.

November Downsides

I partied all four weekends of November, and I am exhausted, I need to relax and re-energise for Dekember madness 🙂

There is some dude who is messing up many lives nkt!!!! Wish he would just disappear already!

I got a flu : (

November Discoveries

You can invest so much time and energy in someone and they just screw you over.

Do not let someone else do something for you if you can do it yourself.

Time heals all wounds.

The truth hurts, and it will always come out, so speak the truth, you may help someone, and prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

People are really never what they seem, many like to put up a façade which we inevitably fall for, which totally sucks when you start seeing their true colours.

What I look forward to in December

My December is already all mapped out, consisting of graduation parties, Christmas parties, summer bunny parties, this will be one crazy month.

Christmas is something I always look forward to, though there is a bit of contention about our Christmas plans but I really hope ting work out for the best.

Crossing my fingers that December 27th is declared a public holiday, come on people, pray with me!!!

18 more days 😀 I am so excited!!!!

How was your month of November? What do you look forward to this December??

Happy holidays my lovely readers 😀



2 thoughts on “1st of the month

  1. When you grow up? That statement spits a lot about you 🙂
    About the dude messing up people….I know a dude who knows a dude, who works with someone who used to date someone, who used to fix the car belonging to someone who knows someone, who knows the real don Corleone….might take a while but I can hook something up. *double smiley*
    November was one of the most hectic months ever, class 7 days a week for the whole month i kid you not…Exams on sundays and a lot of philosophy assignments…I think I partied only once 😦
    I am also mega psyched for dec coz of home made meals!!!!!!!!! and chicken and going back home and rekindling old not-yet-burnt-out flames 🙂

    • Wow! hii ni comment, thanks 🙂
      Yes I am not relinquishing my youth just yet, I still have some growing up to do.
      Please hook something up, this person needs to be straightened out and given a stern warning.
      Your November sounds like it was hectic!!! Now that the holiday season is here, make sure you chill out.
      All the best with the old flame 😉

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