Tuesday Thoughts

  • Not giving in to peer pressure is not as easy as it used to be.
  • I catch feelings so easily sheesh, I hate being a girl bleh. Everything is so serious.
  • Women are the cause of most of men’s problems, I kinda pity them smh
  • I am such a wimp, I wish I could be braver.
  • No matter how hard you fight it, you will end up giving into temptation.
  • These mind games may finally infiltrate my mind 0_o
  • Adulthood sucks lemons, enjoy childhood, and embrace your youth for as long as possible.
  • Black ice and apple sour, try it you will love it!
  • Some people do not get me at all, which is a shame because they are supposed to.
  • Dance music is the future!!
  • Planning is so boring, randomness is the business.
  • I may never get over the one’s that got away till I have them and get them out of my system, or find someone who will distract me till they have no space in my mind.
  • I had those how I met your mother glass shuttering moments, but somehow my mind is trying to ignore that revelation.
  • Denzel Washington can’t gerrit, he never has and he never will!
  • Some MP’s have very appealing sons 😉 too bad they are all younger than me puh!
  • I hate depending on people, because they always seem to let you down.
  • Men need to realise, the reason why women meddle is because they are looking out for their friends. Their allegiance is to their girls, not you, so do not get it twisted!
  • There is some truth to every rumour. The evidence is there so just own it and quit denying!
  • Why was Melrose Place cancelled?? It has such a gorgeous cast and great soundtrack.
  • I would really like a rainbow coloured popsicle.
  • It hit me on Sunday that I never considered him to be my first love, in fact the memory of the whole experience has almost been completely erased. I still wonder what I was thinking…
  • Do not befriend couples on social networks, they will fill your timeline/newsfeed with couply nonsense.
  • Pride comes before a fall.
  • My hair needs Jesus and a hair stylist.
  • To your male friends, you will always come second to the women they are pursuing.
  • Even if he was not out of bounds, he does not stand a chance. I like worthy opponents, not people who just concede to shut me up.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts

  1. U have no idea how many of these things Iv been thinking about recently and it made me smile when I realized I know what you mean (even hidden meanings) from all those things you were thinking 🙂 #ESP #telepathy #friendship 🙂

    • I know its the sports channel ha ha ha but i thought thats wat it was called too. so what does ESP stand for then?? Why ask google when i can ask my friends??!

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