What a waste of time :'(

During my teen years, i was terribly, terribly shy. I was also shy around my family, which made no sense at all. I used to carry novels to parties so that i would not have to talk to anyone.
My cousin passed away ten years ago, and to this day i still regret the fact that i never got to interact with him much when he was in the country (he lived abroad) for the last time.
He was twelve years older than me, that already made it difficult to interact with him. I wish i had been more social, then maybe the last time i saw him we would have had a significant conversation, that i’d have memories of him and stuff that we did together that i could share. That really is my biggest regret, and if i could change back time i would change things in a heartbeat. Being shy was a total waste of time!
There were of course other factors that were a hindrance, but anyway that goes to show, that we really should not take people for granted. I do not want to regret not appreciating anyone when they were alive. I wanna make the most of the time i have with people now…


4 thoughts on “What a waste of time :'(

  1. I was shy too….gosh I so relate. I don’t think it’s something to beat yourself up over, there were circumstances that made you shy, you were 12 years his junior…it was definitely going to be hard for you.
    I just pray that you can rest in the fact that he is in a better place and that you will see him again someday and tell him everything you would want to say.

    • Rockhead!!!! I thought about you today 🙂
      Thank you for the encouraging words, I really hope one day I can rest in that fact too.

  2. “I used to carry novels to parties so that i would not have to talk to anyone”.
    that’s so funny bcoz i do almost the same thing!! whenever i go somewhere say a house party or something and i dont know pple, i tend look around for magazines and newspapers and pretend to be so busy….if i cant get my hands on one then i just whip out my phone… this has got me labelled as anti-social…

    so tell me did you finally get over it? maybe you can share some tips.

    PS so sorry about your cuzo… RIP

    • I dont carry novels with me anymore, but my cellphone is like my lifeline, it saves me from boredom, awkward moments, and it keeps me entertained incase people fail.
      Thanks 🙂

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