1st of the month


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Rihanna ~ Only Girl


October highlights.

First up blankets and wine was on fire this month! Enough people came through, the weather was absolutely perfect for frolicking around in pretty sun dresses. I had actually planned on going there alone (I must add I drove there all by myself #hi5 I think my vehicular phobia is finally over). But I ended up meeting many of my friends there which was cool because we had a total blast.

Sauti Sol centre stage

I baked my mummy a delicious chocolate cake with the help of my cousin’s and surprised her with it for her birthday. She totally never saw it coming and she was really stoked so I am glad she loved it.

Dont mind the lopsidedness, whipped cream is not exactly stable :p

Went for Naija Night with a bunch of my friends, and it was quite the night!

My friend and I went for Churchill Live. Watching the show live is a totally different experience from watching it on the telly. First up recording takes like 3 hours, so much material is edited out for tv, the jokes also seem funnier when you’re there, or I guess people just infect each other with laughter.

Ghost Mulee, McDonald Mariga and Churchill

If your looking for a nice weekday plan with family, friends or that special someone, Carnivore is the place to be on Tuesday evening. (P.S make sure you get there early like before 6pm to get a great seat)

I got to go to Tamambo Tapas Bar at the Village Market, quite a snazzy place. Great ambience, beautiful interior decor and okay prices. I had some great company, though they influenced me negatively 😉

I had 2 different dates in 1 week! It would have been 3 but another dude decided to be a douche. I had 1 long, intense week being showered with male attention.

Went for a friend’s birthday shindig and it was really nice. I got to catch up with many friends that I had lost touch with, and made new friends as well. I also got to sing karaoke for the first time ever. The birthday girl and I sang Lady Marmalade, not exactly the best song choice but we really did not have great options to choose from. Needless to say, we killed it and had a bundle of laughs there after 🙂

October having had 5 weekends, I took advantage of the last weekend to rest and relax. I did a whole lot of sleeping which is something I never do.

October downsides

2 more of my friends flew out to pursue further studies. As a result my randomness has seriously been reduced.

I was down with a terrible flu, and the worst part was I had to attend a training course in that God forsaken state bleh.

October Discoveries

I am never going on a blind date again. My dates went well seeing that I had not officially met any of them, but there was just too much pressure which I really do not want to put myself through again.

As much as I enjoyed all the attention, I now have a new found appreciation for my single uncomplicated life and I am really embracing it now.

What I look forward to in November

Cake!! All the valentines’ babies I know better save me some cake!

I plan on taking a few days off, take a break, catch up with some people, hopefully that will work out.

Blankets and Wine 2nd year anniversary is coming up on 28th November, Muthoni should pay me for doing all this marketing 🙂

How was your October? What do you look forward to in November?


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