Waste not, want not!

I wonder why we are intrinsically designed as humans to want what we can’t have. We desire to possess things that are out of reach, thing’s we once possessed but lost, things we almost had but lost, it’s like a never ending cycle of wanting that can never be sated until we are in full possession of those things, or until we find something else to distract us and forget that thing.

By thing I mean another human being.

Things that are out of reach

The male species love challenges. They see something they want, and work even harder for it when it seems like they can’t get it. It’s all about the chase they say.

When it comes to the pursuit of women, men seem to be intrigued by the one’s that are out of reach. Some are honestly just curious about them, others do it to massage their egos and see whether they have it or not. But I am certain most men prefer being the predators rather than the prey. They prefer doing the chasing because that is the role that nature has defined for them. The harder the chase is, the harder the man works for the kill.

As for women, we hear men complain about how we talk too much, well it is completely and utterly true! Women over share and tell each other too many details. My husband is just the best, my boyfriend rocks, my baby is so intelligent. All this over sharing simply results in women coveting what other women have. They will want their friend’s husband who pays special attention to her, that chic’s boyfriend who hits the right spots, that adorable little toddler who is just discovering the world. They will not just want, but hatch devious schemes to get that which they desire no matter how unattainable they seem to be. That is why you hear of so many stories about women stealing their friend’s partners, or children being stolen from hospitals and nurseries. I have honestly never heard about a man stealing a child, have you?

We need to realise that things are out of reach because we were not meant to have them, deal with it!!

Things we once possessed but lost

We as humans have this terrible habit of taking people for granted. It’s not like we do it on purpose, we just get caught up with life, new shiny things and other distractions.

These people we take for granted eventually get tired of being options and go out in search for people who will prioritize them. That is when we end up discovering just how important they were in our lives, when we feel the void they have left us with, and witness the one’s they have eventually filled by leaving us.

You never miss your water till the well runs dry.

Things we almost had but lost

I am sure there is that someone in your life that you lost because obstacles came in the way like distance, careers, and obligations, and you never made much of an effort to keep them in your life because of all the distractions. Then suddenly distance is no longer an obstacle, you have achieved your career goals and it is not as fulfilling as you thought it would be, or someone else has found that person that you willingly let go and you want nothing but to have them back in your life.

In some situations people are just afraid to take the leap and go to the next step and as a result someone got tired of waiting and walked out of their life and into someone else’s.

That is when the courage comes out of nowhere, and the will to fight emerges full force, when you no longer stand a chance.

Let us not take people for granted for we will only realise their worth once we have lost them.


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