Dumb things that I wonder about

I will entertain you with some of the things in this life that I sometimes ponder about (disclaimer, if I do not know about it, it is probably because I did not study it in school, or I did not watch it, okay, just do not judge me too much)

  • Do rats and mice lay eggs or give birth?
  • No man ever gives me an answer, did it hurt when your adam’s apple was growing? Just tell me please?
  • Are dates fruits or a dried version of a fruit? Which fruit?
  • How did the people at Revlon, Motions et al come up with chemical relaxer?? Who first discovered there where chemicals which could straighten nappy hair, and how did they do it?
  • What do clouds feel like?
  • Is synthetic hair made from plastic?
  • Is Langata Dam still there? How did the hyacinth start growing there? Did someone throw in a hyacinth seed? Can hyacinth grow in the ocean?
  • Why can’t men use veet to shave their faces? Wouldn’t that eradicate the whole business of razor bumps?
  • Does human fat look like the fat on beef, pork etc?
  • Can you cook a dead cat or why don’t the Chinese eat them too? Is it because of the way their corpses stiffen? If they figured out how to eat sea urchins, can they not figure this out?
  • How do babies breathe while they are in the womb? Do they have temporary gills? Or if the umbilical cord takes care of that, their noses are blocked till they are born?
  • Why does dog poop dry up and become hard like stone? What happens to human poop when it dries up? And can it be used as fertilizer?
  • How do mood rings work? What makes them change color? (don’t tell me its our moods because I will not believe you.)
  • How come when you apply that green lipstick that our mothers used to use back in the day, it comes off as pink? How did they do that?
  • What are cufflinks used for really? Aren’t they just accessories for men? Why can’t bedazzled buttons suffice?
  • Why can’t nappy African hair be straight and soft like our eyebrows?
  • If you break an LCD screen, will liquid come out?
  • Why can’t Vodka freeze?
  • How do Hybrid cars work?? They come with a wire which you can connect to a socket to charge the car? Or do you like take the engine/battery out and charge it?? Does it use oil?

I know if I googled some of these questions, I would probably get an answer, but I do not feel like. You can do it if you want to feel like a know it all or whatever, I do not care as long as you can give me an answer without ridiculing me.

Okay, thanks for stopping by..

11 thoughts on “Dumb things that I wonder about

  1. haha okay, the only questions I can answer is:

    I don’t think Hyacinth would grow in the ocean, coz it salty *stupid answer*, I bet they only grow in fresh waters like in lakes.

    Some men do use veet to shave. My dad does that, coz if he does the kinyozi or shaver he gets razor burns.

    Mice atually give birth to mice…yeah! just like cats and rabbits do.

    I don’t think clouds can be felt, it’s like touching air.. coz it’s a mass of gases clustered togther…or something to that effect..can’t kumbuka the scientific (Geography form 1) ish, don’t also feel like googling..lol

    As for the rests, I would love to hear the answers, coz 3/4 of the ones you’ve asked, I also wonder. Especially the hair stuff.

    Lovely week babe.

    • i thought about the salty water part, but the ocean has weeds and stuff or that particular breed can survive in there? lol
      Wow your dad is the 1st i have heard using Veet, and nothing has happened to his face so far?
      I never studied geog : ) So if clouds are a big mass of gasses, do they have a scent?
      Have a splendid week too!

  2. I like nappy hair, I mean we can grow dreadlocks with the nappy hair (like me) and do natural hair therapy and look awesome!!!!
    I want to learn of the answers too

    • you are growing dreads?!!!! Chic you need to blog I keep checking your blog for a new post!! But thanx for stopping by, Revealed missed you! and so did I 🙂

  3. Hehe those are pretty good questions! It made me wonder the same too. I’d never thought of the fact that our eyebrows have softer hair than our heads 🙂
    I’m waiting for an answer to the Adam’s apple question…

  4. Let me try and answer one of the ones that have not been answered:

    Babies breathe via the umbilical cord and their noses are blocked till birth. That is why the are slapped on their a** immediately after birth. (So that they can cry and by crying, be able to breathe)

    • I actually remember the part for babies are slapped so that the crying clears up the lungs or something of the sort and then they are able to breathe and stuff, but my question is what is this that blocks their nose? And does it mean the umbilical not only passes food and nourishment from the mother to the baby, but oxygen too?! Oh God my question’s are getting dumber lol

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