Naija Night Abeg! Abeg! Abeg!

I went for Naija Night last year in December, and the only thing that was Nigerian about it was 9con who gave a brilliant performance. Otherwise, it was just a regular Kenyan event.

This year the organisers, whoever they are, outdid themselves by bringing one of Nigeria’s hottest talents Dbanj de koko master himself to headline the event.

Naija Night was meant to start at 6pm according to the fliers, but us guys were checking in almost at 11pm when the opening acts were on stage.

Entrance I must say was very disorganised. Us guys who had not bought advanced tickets were forced to go through the limited space opened at the gate. People were really pushing and shoving, I was so afraid another Smirnoff Experience fiasco would occur read as stampede. By that time, most of my friends were no longer excited, but I still had faith that the night would not disappoint.

My friend hooked me and my girls up so we paid for a regular ticket, but we all got VIP bands, I will not expound how that happened at the  risk of exposing myself : ) But let us just say the ticket guys were not very competent, a fact which we used to our advantage. I must add that the security people were not frisking people or checking bags, more loopholes that we used to our advantage.

I had expected a setup similar to the Safari Sevens Village, but this was even better. The huge dome tents were put up, and the stage was situated inside of it.

They had the water closet Excloosive loos, and not the plastic things which make you feel like you will be blown away while using the john.

VIP was not very important as the name suggests. Okay fine the tent had seats and tables, there was access to the front at the stage, and the Excloosive toilets were the jisty trailer ones which have the feel of using a regular toilet and not an outdoor one, but apart from that it was pretty normal. You could not see the stage from your seat, though they had put up big screens, but it is just not the same.

The performances were electric, I missed Madtraxx though because I was busy tackling people to find my way inside. But 9con was really good, he really resembles Dbanj, wonder if that is the prerequisite to become a hot Nigerian artist.

The comedian scheduled to perform was boring, I was nowhere near the stage, but the crowd response was not very warm.

Ramsey Nouah (sp) who I do not understand why he was slotted as a headliner if he did not even act out a scene from the hundreds of movies he has acted in, introduced Dbanj on stage, hence the whole bromance show here ha ha ha

Excuse my 2 megapixel camera without a flash..

The main act, Dbanj did not disappoint, he totally rocked that stage belting out all of his hit tunes starting with why me which I think was one of his first songs, that I absolutely adore, and other songs like Gbono feli feli, scapegoat and other songs from his album.

I personally went berserk when he performed Dr Sid’s pop champagne which had been popularised by the big brother all stars, it was so crazy!

I can definitely say with confidence that that was the best Naija Night yet, I doubt it can get any better than that.



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