I am tired of saying bye bye..



Last night I said goodbye to yet another of my close friends. I knew she was going away soon, but I never expected it to be this soon, it came so abruptly.

But I am really happy for her because it was something we had all been praying for, my faith in prayer keeps being renewed every week. I find comfort in knowing that the Lord hears our prayers.

I am hoping these are the last of the goodbyes, and the next time I will be saying hello, because I cannot take it anymore….

Now I have to start adjusting, coming up with some new routines, my friends and family are still here, but there is still a void now that my friends have left.

Anyway I pray for nothing but the best for her in her new endeavour.

Project visit the UK is now fully underway, feel free to contribute to my travel fund šŸ™‚


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