1st of the month

Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

September may have just 30 days but it’s been one long roller coaster ride.

September highlights

30 days without Facebook or twitter, and I did not cheat and sneak a peek. Hopefully I will maintain that discipline and use them moderately and not every umpteenth second!

I really partied hard this month, I blame my weak will power, my friends, and the hunger for fun.

I attended 3 weddings in September, and I had a blast. I love weddings, just the part about being a guest, the rest seems tedious and stressful bleh.

Finally went for earth dance this year, it was awesome, but I am still taking a break from anything techno, trance or house. They did not play a single song with vocals. Which begs the question, how do you request for a house song if you do not know the name of the artist? You describe the song by beat boxing it?

I met with many people I had not seen in a while, and it was cool catching up with them.

My cousin gave me lots of clothes, I am still so happy about it, I cannot wait to wear them.

I am finally getting a grip on my finances so yaaay me 🙂

I met my friends baby, she is sooooo adorable, and cute and she never cries. I hope my baby will be as nice as her!

September downsides

My friend and my cousin flew out 😦 plus a whole other bunch of people.

We were denied that Eid holiday I was really looking forward to.

Other downsides are just too irrelevant to mention here.

September Discoveries.

God really listens to our prayers and he answers them when he sees fit so just be patient.

I will never get a tattoo on my chest, it draws too much attention as I discovered with my heena one.

My insecurities stem from people’s actions, they do not just appear from thin air, so now it is up to me not to give a hoot about it!

You think you know someone, but we all have no idea.

What I look forward to in October

It’s my mummy’s birthday this month, I am still trying to figure out what to get her. I am thinking a spa treatment, or maybe a handbag..

I am taking a chill pill this month, or I will try really hard to. Wish me luck..

Halloween!! I am already stoked about it, I have identified a few costumes already that I can go buy. But it’s a catch twenty-two, if my friend leaves, I won’t do Halloween 😦

Yes as mentioned above, my other close friend might be leaving too, I am not looking forward to that either.

How was your September? and what do you look forward to in October?


8 thoughts on “1st of the month

  1. Beatboxing the song? Meanie!! but techno is cool, it’s not as tiring as bendin ova buh if that’s your kinda thang then I can’t fault you 🙂
    Sorry for the friends leaving, I know it sucks razor blades but don’t let it put you down 🙂
    September was super duper cool and October looks to be awesomer…..but get this, the Exams for this coming Semester start on January 3…HOW!!!!??!?!?!

    • Meanie?? you do know what I mean by beat boxing right?? not literally boxing the beat but like sounding it out or whatever? I know October will be spectacular being your birthday month and all 🙂 As for your exams, you will be studying during new years?!

      • Yes I know what beatboxing means bt for your information Techno tunes do have titles :-p

        And yes al have to read all through the christmas seasone…can someone shout sucks!!!

      • oh! so what did you mean by meanie? and what is someone meant to do if they do not know the title of the song?

  2. My September was cool with a lot of me time, which I LOVE! October? Who knows? I am waiting for it to unfold. Thanks for asking and sharing about yours. 🙂

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