There are some men out there who put in a lot of time, money and thought into their appearance, and I think I need to appreciate all their hard work and effort to look luscious and gorgeous. You need to know you’re looking hot is not all in vain, my eyes and my vivid imagination really appreciate it 😉

Here are some of the things that men adorn that simply kills me:


There is nothing hotter than a man in a suit! I do not think it can get any better than that seriously. Men look polished, suave, and very handsome. You can never go wrong with a suit unless you have bought a cheap one, that is not your size, and you keep those labels on the sleeves rather than cutting them off smh. Every man should have a suit in their wardrobe.

Men that drive me mad


Cardigans and sweaters.

I love the whole collegiate look. Cardigans with a nice shirt, topped with a tie or bow tie always looks snazzy. You can wear it with a t-shirt as well and some fitting jeans, not too snug though.

Cardigan worn with a tie


For a nice formal look, invest in sweaters especially for the working class men. Be it plain, striped, multi coloured, argyle, you can never go wrong.

Waist coats

Every guy should have at least one waist coat in their closet. It is a cool piece of apparel which goes with almost anything and still looks cool.

It’s an easy way to jazz up your plain shirts and tees.

I am not a fan of 3 piece suits though, I dunno why it just looks a bit strange when the blazer comes off..



Leather jackets

First up, I am personally on the hunt for a leather jacket. Those things are like uber cool! And how hot do men wearing them look? Especially when they pop their collars??



These handy accessories not only shield our eyes from the violent rays of the sun, but they make anyone stand out and look stunning!

I find avatars particularly look very nice on men, and old school shades as well. The key thing is to find appropriate sunglasses which suit the shape of your face in order to frame it well.

Ian Mugoya that is all!



Last year, I noticed that this guy who really used to jazz me had a nice watch. Ever since then, I am no longer jazzed by him, but I am now kinda obsessed with men’s watches. After I have sufficiently surveyed a man’s physical appearance, the next place I will look at is his wrist. I like watches with big faces, and classy straps, it just tells me a lot about the man. Do not ask me what 😉

Tag Heuer Watch


I love hair, playing with it, stroking it, styling it, be it my own or other people’s hair. I like men with long hair, be it cornrowed or a big fro that just makes you want to dig your fingers into it. I think men with dreadlocks look really cool, I also dig the whole shaggy hair thing. The clean shaven look is also hot and I usually cant help but want to rub such heads. This depends though, on if the guy has a nicely shaped head or not.

Beckham, one of the most stylish dudes ever!


We’ve always viewed them as fuddy duddy and urkelish, but recently suspenders are suddenly cool and fashionable! I love how men look in them, and I would like to think of them as a modern day leash which you can use to steer or punish the man wearing them. I can’t explain, I can only demonstrate 😉

Chuck Bass can gerrit!


Not every one can pull off hats. I like baseball caps, marvins, fedoras, beenies, it looks really cool.

Kid Cudi


I am one of those rare girls who do not first look at a man’s feet to check out his shoes. I will only notice them if they are very nice, or very wack.

And yes, I like supras I do not know what people have against them, maybe the guys they’ve seen just aint wearing them right..

Even Stevens has really come a long way

I like the loafers. Is it me, or is there like a Gucci explosion in Kenya right now??




I really dig the whole tunic look, open chested with some african necklaces and the sandals, looks very swanky!

So for now those are some of the things that kill me when I see them on men, so if your reading this, just conform already and give my eyes a treat 😉

If you’re a dude looking for some fashion advice check out The Urban Gentleman


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