Confession I dont wanna be the exception

Today i saw the most perfect beautiful fully bloomed long stemmed red rose stuck inside a floral arrangement. I was really tempted to pull it out but i had to restrain myself. I am not really a flower person, but i think i’d really be jazzed and happy if someone gave me a rose as beautiful as the one i saw today. It was perfect in every sense of the word, i stared at it and revelled at its beauty, longing to take a whiff of its rosy scent. Yeah, the meeting i was in was extremely boring lol.
Anyhoosmu this past few days i’v encountered newly engaged couples who seem so happy and elated it’s even infectious. I saw the most gorgeous ring, and i stared at my finger for a while wondering what kinda ring if any, would be bestowed upon my finger, knowing that i’d be elated and not immediately say no like i always think to myself that i would if i was ever popped for the question. So i think i really need to reevaluate the whole getting married at 38 thing…

8 thoughts on “Confession I dont wanna be the exception

    • I think I have to review it because I know some women who are in their thirties and are single and childless, and I wonder if they are lonely, all I know is I do not want to be that chic.
      As for the background, thanks, it symbolises the vitamins readers will receive from reading this blog lol

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