When darkness falls

KPLC really? The first time i get home before the sun sets and you take away our power!? I remember asking this question, who do kplc employees report power black outs to?! Do the people responsible get warning letters from HR? They should coz they really suck at their jobs!
This my first time home before midnight on a thursday in two weeks! Was hoping to catch brothers and sisters and find out whats good with the walkers and stuff. Now i’m lying in bed, listening to music from my phone as i write this post, i’m sure my battery is slowly diminishing.
This is definitely the worst time to be on a social network hiatus. I would be stalking people on facebook or spamming your twitter timeline with rubbish.
Thank God for my blog, it’s keeping me preoccupied at least.
So my week has been primarily melancholic, i’m sure next week will suck lemons. I hate goodbyes and many people are leaving 😦 i’l talk about my sadness next week after all the tears and what not..
Yesterday was definitely FTWinsday (for the winsday) my closet got a whole lot fuller thanks to my dear cousin who gave me a bunch of clothes. I was really looking forward to trying them on and doing a little fashion show for myself, but no electricity just had to go! Nkt
In other news, my mind is sorta free from wanting things that i should not, let’s just leave it at that!
I think i’l just enter the sheets and reflect on what i’m going to wear tomorrow, how i’m going to dodge that wedding on saturday, how i am sleeping in this weekend, spending the last few moments with one of my best friends before she leaves, squashing peoples wrong conclusions, resisting temptation, and what i am going to eat for dinner tonight because i am not feeling rice or ugali uurggh 😦
Imagine after writing all of this lights are not back yet 😦
Let’s just hope i do not do something stupid as i wallow in idleness and boredom! Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “When darkness falls

  1. I know who you’re talking about…she’s leaving just when we had started bonding! Thank God for social networks and internet…
    Hope you’ll be OK though…

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