Ask and it shall be given unto you

Today was one of those days when I prayed for something and my prayer was answered by lunch time! There is no greater feeling than having your prayers answered!

I resumed writing daily in my prayer journal and the feeling it gives me is peace, tranquility and hope. I feel happy and content knowing that I have prayed for the people I love, and I get even happier when those prayers are answered.

On Friday my friends and I had a debate on whether God is real or not. Some of them do not believe in God as they wonder how he would allow all these world disasters to occur. They have resigned to their fate of burning in hell.

I am a firm believer in freedom, and I am not prejudiced against people who choose to believe or practice things that are frowned upon or whatever. But I cannot imagine life without believing in a higher power who is in control of my life and the world at large. So where do they get their source of hope, strength, wisdom etc?? I shall ask them that next time..

7 thoughts on “Ask and it shall be given unto you

  1. Madam 🙂

    Hope all is well?
    Prayers get answered, what? Yesterday another old prayer was answered huku I had forgotten all about it and moved on.. hmmmn..
    There is a God, I just wish hell wasn’t real.

    • hey 🙂
      Yeah sometimes we usually get what we want or pray for without even realizing it, I guess we should all take time to give thanks for the blessings that God has bestowed upon us.
      Everything’s gravy 🙂 hope ur dandy too!

  2. This is amazing… am glad things work out.

    About those who don’t believe in a higher being, I guess we need to poke and prod their minds and figure that out. One once told me that they get it from within. Their success is their own doing. A “Me myself and I” sort of thing.

    Still something to think and ask about, no?

    • Yeah me too, my faith in the power of prayer has been re-renewed if that makes any sense.
      The higher being debate is never ending me thinks so no matter how much you poke, prod, share your thoughts or whatever, you may never come to an understanding so I choose to just let them be, that is what freedom of expression is all about..

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