Winner winner chicken dinner!

It’s Monday morning, and I am at my desk, dying of sleep but still buzzed from my exciting weekend. There has never been a time when I had so much to say tweet but no outlet to do it.


I have always wanted to go to a Casino and I finally got a chance to go to one on Saturday evening. I was super excited and I went straight to the slot machines once I was inside.

The machines are categorized according to the value of the tokens you purchase. There were machines for 2/=, 5/=, 10/= and I guess other higher denominations. The least number of tokens you can buy are 100, so I bought a hundred of the 2/= tokens since I was not so sure how I would fare during my first visit to the casino.

There were 2 columns of the 2/= token slot machines, those were about 30 machines, give or take.

I cannot explain the euphoria when I got my first win, I was elated even if I won like 20 tokens. The sound of the coins falling into the container, coupled with the machines sirens, and the glances of admiration from other casino revelers was simply riveting.

The cool part is you get to cash in 100 tokens whenever and as many times as you want. There were two men who just kept on winning all the time, and I kept on seeing them going to the counter and coming back. Turns out they kept cashing in on their winnings.

I managed to use all the 2/= token machines, and I identified the slots which seemed ‘lucky’ or easier to use. The more tokens you use on the machines, the higher the prize. For example if you used 3 tokens and got a triple win like the picture below which is an impossible fete me thinks

Yeah right!

you could win like 300 tokens, if you had played 4 tokens, you would win 500 tokens and so on and so forth.

There were some machines where you did not have to get a triple match to win, like if you got the jackpot symbol you won. Basically, it is impossible not to win at least something.

I literally had to remove myself out of the casino because  I was too enthralled with the rush of winning, the determination to get yet another win. I ended up breaking even, I won back the money I had spent which I think was very lucky me being a first timer and what not.

I am not very good at card games, so I never even went to look for the black jack table, but after watching the movie 21 it is something I would definitely love to try.

I cannot wait for my next casino visit, which I will really delay and prolong because I think I may get a bit too hooked 🙂


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