1st of the month

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Warning, staring at this September glittery thingy may be harmful to your eyes, or is it just hurting mine? (o_O)

This year is really flying, only 3 more months and its adios 2010!!

August Highlights

2 public holidays in a month that never gets holidays, it doesn’t get any better than that!!!

Untamed was a lot of fun, that night my girls and I did a couple of rounds around town and it was those rare nights you here ‘All ladies in the house free shots’

My cousin’s birthday was crazy as well, she got soo wasted, and though she barely remembers, I know she was very happy.

This month was very memorable for my other cousin who had her traditional wedding ceremony and gave birth to the most gorgeous baby girl ever!! She is so adorable, she doesn’t cry or should I say she did not cry when I first met her, and she has the longest fingers, apparently signs that she will be very tall.

So yes my parents marked 25 years of marriage at the end of august, they did not do anything special really, but that is definitely something worth noting.

I went for 2 all you can eats in August, Spurs all you can eat pork spare ribs and Fogo Gaucho all you can eat meat buffet. I prefer Fogo Gaucho because of the variety, you get to eat all kinds of salads, they have pies, and rice and cheese, and all kinds of meat from beef, crocodile, prawns, fish, goat, pork, that are well spiced, they serve French fries as well and coated bananas which are delish. For dessert they have cinnamon coated pineapple. If you have a loose Kshs 1550, I suggest you sample Fogo Gauchos buffet.

I walked some tight rope obstacle course thing this month,I swear that was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life!! We had to climb this pole and walk across a metal wire with a partner.

Maintaining your balance when your that high was definitely the biggest challenge, and crossing infront of the pole. After that experience, I am so ready for anything, Bunjee jumping now seems like a breeze because all you have to do is jump.

I also went bowling with my friends for the first time ever at the Village Market . I never knew it was so cheap! It costs Kshs 300 for ten rounds, and you can buy socks there to wear the shoes with for Kshs 90. I have only ever bowled on a Wii, and I kicked ass by the way, but in the real life game, I kinda suck :p I was trying to imitate some white guys who were having some sort of tournament so I copied how they held the bowling ball and how they threw it. The cool part about it is they have bowling balls of different weights and colors so you are free to pick whichever ball you want.

My cousin graduated, it took a long time coming, but she finally did it and we were all so proud!!!

My friend bought me an awesome pair of skinny jeans, I love them so much 🙂

August Downsides

I still spend my money like an idiot, I need like a financial consultant!

I still keep attracting funny guys who are either ugly, suspect, boring, messing with my mind, forbidden, and just not exciting. I also keep bumping into my ex, and Mr May uuurrghhhh I hate it, but I am glad that it doesn’t affect me as much as it should, I am mustering the act of ignoring people, it’s hard but doable.

August Discoveries

People think they know, but they have no idea! I am now not giving people anything to talk about.

My life is kinda nice, what I consider drama is nothing as compared to the soap operas of other people’s lives.

What I look forward to in September

Idd Ul Fitri (sp) I am really yearning for another public holiday, when will the moon be cited??!!

My probation at work ends this month, fingers crossed I finish it in one piece *_*

What I am not looking forward to, saying goodbye to my friends 😦

How was your August? and what do you look forward to in September?


8 thoughts on “1st of the month

  1. Wow are you still in Kenya? coz if you are then you sure do know how to kick it…..when are you coming back to twitter btw?
    August was so so, met new people drank new drinks and learned a whole lot more math 🙂
    September tho…two road trips planned

    • Sadly I am not leaving Kenya any time soon. I’ll be back on twitter in October.
      What Kind of math is this you were learning??
      Enjoy your September 🙂

  2. Very hard but interesting kinda spunky Math 🙂
    October is a month away, they’ll have shut twitter down by then…and you just told me your facebook ad then dodged?
    Sasa si youll add me on the new one?

    Oh and can I throw a post your way sometime?

    • The buffet is any day, I think it goes on any time because the first time I went there was on a Sunday afternoon, and the last time was Friday night. But just confirm on the website to be sure.

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