Like and unlike poles, which is stronger?

I am sure many of you have heard about ‘The Secret’ the movie and the book. Many have claimed to have read/ watched it and have their lives transformed. Truth be told, you do experience a ray of hope after getting to know what ‘The Secret’ is and how you can adopt it in your life.

What you think about you bring about.

The Secret is based on the law of attraction, and the power of positive thinking. Just the same as the theory like poles attract, when you think about positive things, they come to pass. The team of experts also propose that you envision what it is that you want to happen, experience the sensations and emotions you would feel when you get what you want, and chances are you might just get what it was you wanted. They were very keen on the whole visualisation part giving examples of how some guy took a 100 dollar note and added 4 zeros to make it a million dollars, then stuck it on his ceiling and stared at it all the time till he made his million. Another guy visualised the parking space he wanted to get and when he drove to the parking lot he found it was free.

My mother watched this movie and she loved it, she got an explanation for how her life works sometimes. My mother is really into clothes, she has a jam-packed closet filled with lots of them. If she has a skirt or trouser that does not have a suitable top, or if she has a function coming up but nothing to wear, she visualizes what it is that she needs, and voila  she will spot that piece of clothing in some shop display somewhere. I am still not sure if I believe this or not.

Should I??


I am sure you have come to learn that I am a very pessimistic person. I do not like getting my hopes up because they usually get crush and burned, so I rarely think positively. I especially hate people making me promises because I have such low hopes in people so they usually end up getting broken, but I am usually ecstatic if they are kept.

I tend to think negatively when it comes to situations, the best example I can give is something that happened today. I ordered for bhajias for lunch, but I just knew I would not get them, I could feel it in my gut despite my stomach grumbling with hunger. When the delivery person came, guess what they brought me? No, definitely not bhajia otherwise I would not be writing about this. I have scraped off lunch today all together because I am so miffed.

So I was wondering, if my negative thoughts are so powerful, why can’t my positive thoughts have the same strength and come to life?! Is it that maybe I do not believe in the positive thoughts with as much conviction as I do the negative??

I do not know, but I am really afraid to always look on the bright side of life, my sides usually cloudy if I think about it.

I usually prefer to take things one step at a time without having to think about the future and what it holds for me.


On the flip side…

After that dumb redcallrednumber rubbish that tons of Kenyans fell for yesterday, and given the various technological heights that the world is reaching, will this be the new form of judgment day??

Will you pick up the phone?


4 thoughts on “Like and unlike poles, which is stronger?

    • Is it really possible to have blind faith?? Without any doubt?? Not in my vocabulary, that would be extremely difficult for me (0_o)

  1. i got the book i my language “Tamil” . It is wonder full & energetic for my life. I got secret in my life to grow successful .

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