The way to a man’s heart is through TOP GEAR

Like every other girl, the first time I watched Top Gear, I did not like it much. I felt it was my cousin’s way of boring me to death while I was visiting at their house. Fighting with him was very futile because once he gets the remote, that’s the end, he will bore you to death with such shows, and more boring stuff from Discovery and National Geographic channels.

Last month I decided to give the show a serious chance since BBCE brings a Top Gear omnibus every Sunday. I am proud to say I have taken a shine to the show. It is not only entertaining, but informative for someone like me who just knows general car makes, but does not particularly pay attention to the model is it make and model?? I’m still confused about that 🙂


My favorite host happens to be Jeremy Clarkson, who doesn’t love him?! He is funny, and quite knowledgeable about cars, he always wins the challenges during the few episodes that I have watched. For an old dude, he can definitely gerrit 😉

Then there is Richard Hammond the shortest host of the show, and the youngest I must add, who I like because he seems to be daring and into modern technology, plus he is also funny too.

James May Captain Slow is the long, curly-haired one who is set in his ways, and is always being picked on by Jeremy and Richard. He seems to be the most conservative of the three hosts, choosing to drive sensible cars for their functionality rather than their flashiness or hype. He usually emerges as the looser during most of their challenges.

Together the trio have made the show a tremendous success and I do believe they have one of the best jobs in the world! They get to test drive awesome cars, and travel, can it really get any better than that?!

Top Gear Team


The first time I heard the word ‘The Stig’ I had no idea what or who that was. The only Stig I had ever heard of was Patrick Njiru’s the rally driver son who goes by Stig Njiru. I knew it could not possibly have anything to do with him because at the time it was all over the news that Micheal Schumacher was the stig. Anyway me and my inquisitive mind finally figured it out.

The Stig

Okay I did not completely figure it out, but he seems to be the dude who tests cars and stuff?? Gentlemen correct me if I am wrong?

So who is The Stig?

Some say he can swim seven lengths under water and he has webbed buttocks. All we know is, he’s called The Stig.

Some say he naturally faces magnetic north, and that all of his legs are hydraulic… all we know is, he’s called the Stig.

Some say he’s the main cause of global warming and his stomach is reverse engineered to make the I-Phone. all we know is he’s called the stig.

Some say that his tears are adhesive, and that if he caught fire, he’d burn for a thousand days… all we know is, he’s called the Stig.

Some say that his scrotum has its own small gravity field, and that because our producer rigged a phone vote, he now has a new name. All we know is, he’s called Cuddles.

Some say that he has no understanding of clouds, and that his ear wax tastes like Turkish delight… all we know is, he’s called the Stig.

Some say that his heart is in upside down, and that his teeth glow in the dark… all we know is, he’s called the Stig.

click here and here for more dumb Stig Quotes 🙂

The Stig has been portrayed as a silent, anonymous and judging from the above quotes, possibly non human character of the show. People have always been kept guessing about who he is, but recently the man behind The Stig was revealed as formula three driver Ben Collins who’s he?

The blabber mouth is planning on releasing an autobiography called ‘The Man in the White Suit’ and the BBC has lost a legal fight to stop the publication of the book.

Click here to read the Top Gear TV boss Andy Wilman’s view of the whole situation.

Ladies, you will never find a man who is not crazy about cars. I suggest watching Top Gear, you will get schooled in that area, plus it is something you can watch and enjoy when your chilling with some guy somewhere.


6 thoughts on “The way to a man’s heart is through TOP GEAR

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  2. Top Gear. I would give an arm plus other body parts to just hang out with the three guys and one man as they do the car testing bit. 15 seasons and it has never gotten any boring. They have fresh jokes in each episode plus they give you the As, Bs up to Zs of each car.

    Whoever The Stig is, I frankly do not care. As long as they maintain him and he drives the cars as well as he does. On my other computer I had an episode of Top Gear as Captain Slow tested a Bugatti Veyron’s top speed. I always imagine my stomach flipping as the speedometer inches its way to the 200mph mark.

    The graphics are so amazing. Apart from Nat Geo, I do have evidence backing me up that my TV life can survive on a diet of Top Gear episodes.

    • They really do seem like a fun trio to kick it with, I really dig the track they drive the cars on, and I may not be so big on cars, but I am sure I would get a rush getting to ‘break in’ brand spanking new cars, and do scrambos on the corner 😉
      I might just get it on DVD!

  3. I recently started watching top gear
    n i must my opinion of the show before i gave it a chance has changed.
    I thought they won the law suit to keep the identity of the stig hidden..they had revealed the identity of the ‘old’ stig and the new one apparently isn’t Ben Collins was on the news sometime bt don’t really know how it panned out..
    cool post btw!

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