Numbers and things

Yesterday the parental unit marked 25 years of marriage. They are still going strong despite the many ups and downs they have encountered throughout the years. Wow, that is longer than I have even existed. I cannot imagine being with the same person that long, 25 years is actually forever in my vocabulary.

Despite my parents’ stellar example of the sanctity of marriage, I am still not convinced that that institution is for me. Yes I will keep on shoving it down your throats till you stop thinking that I will get married first before you. It is never gonna happen, if it does, I will elope and act like nothing’s happened.

The census results were released in Kenya yesterday. I had no idea why people were so anxious for their release, till I sampled some of the findings.

There are some few hundred thousand more women than men in Kenya. That is no news to me, but women all of a sudden have realized that the stakes are officially much higher and it has become even harder to find good men given those numbers.

There are 6.6 Million Kikuyus in Kenya! That is definitely a huge number, we all knew they were many but not that much! Most of the men I have associated with have been kikuyus, to my mother’s dismay lol. I am from the Meru tribe, and we are merely 1.6 Million in the whole country. I bet I am related to like 100,000 of them so that leaves like 1.5 Million of which I am sure judging by the ratio of men and women in my family, men constitute 500,000 and the women are like a million.

So out of 500,000 Meru men, I am assuming like half of them are in Meru which is in Eastern Province, and the rest are dispersed in various parts of the country. I think Nairobi has about 90,000 Meru’s if I was to guess a random number, and the men aged between 22-33 years old could be about 20,000 there abouts. I think I only know about 7 Meru men who are not my relatives, and my mother still has her hopes up that I find a Meru man to marry. Judging by my random numbers, I doubt it’s gonna happen 🙂

Oh My God!!!!!! *scream* I am number 19 on the Top Ranked Blogs on Afrigator. That was one of my goals when I started blogging, and I am beyond ecstatic that I made it to the top 20, one day, I must get to top 10 🙂 I must be realistic But I must extend a big thank you to my loyal readers, and all those people who stumble upon my blog for whatever reason. I could not have made it without you so gracias and God bless.

Ever since I discovered I am a social network addict, I always take a hiatus to prove to myself and everyone else who calls me an addict that I can refrain with ease. My last hiatus was last July, and this year September was the lucky month.

I cannot deactivate my twitter account because I do not want anyone to jack my super cool username so I just will not log in. I do have the will power not to do it so have a little faith in me 😛

I did deactivate my facebook profile, that thing was just getting me into trouble. I was attracting ugly losers without any game, who mack chics with the exact same messages, as in word for word, who flipping does that?!!! He must have read this ha! Various assumptions were made about my facebook activities, which I did not like so it was about time to stop giving people stuff to talk about.

Now that I cannot twit or facebook, best believe I will be doing a whole lot more blogging, I need to speak what’s on my mind or I will feel gagged.


6 thoughts on “Numbers and things

  1. Blog blog blog away!!!

    Atleast I take breaks…like I know blogging for me has been hiatus-ish…hehe…

    oh and congrats on getting to number nineteen!! woohoo!! *cheerladydance* “go nkiro! go nkiro!”

    • Its really hard so far, I feel like i’ve hidden myself from the rest of the world (0_o) but after day one, I am praying it get’s easier.
      And thanks 🙂

  2. haiya, my folks celebrated their 25th year anniversary on sept 1st…do you realize that it’s abit weird…coz ur birthday is just a day before mine…and now ur folks gor married a day before mine…lol

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