Enough with the hustling!

2 questions that I hate being asked;

Are you seeing anyone?

queue in the pressure, judgment, as I proceed to reply that I am not.

Why are you single?

seriously I do not understand what these people who ask me these questions want me to say.

You’re too pretty to be single

even worse, what a lame ass pick up line nkt!!


So I am single, deal with it!! I have no problem, why should some of you?!

I was accosted by my family this past weekend about my current status. Most of them know about my plans of getting married at 38, I was advised to give people chances because apparently I do not, and to at least wear lipstick ha ha ha.

Do I choose to be single? In a way. I choose not to give these losers my time of day. Any man who thinks I am worthy will be one that is worthwhile. I keep meeting the strangest of men, and they do not seem to think I’m worth it. So I waste my time with them knowing they do not stand a chance anyway.

Men complicate my life, when I am with them, and even without them, which really sucks because clearly there seems to be no escape. Drama follows you everywhere, or should I say it follows me basically because I am an over thinker, and I create the drama in my head.

Plus let us not forget I am after all female, and we cannot operate without bringing emotions and hormones and all that nonsense. Sadly it cannot be switched off even if some of us wanted to.

So all the people with a problem with me and my relationship status,



10 thoughts on “Enough with the hustling!

  1. I know! why r u single?is a very lame question
    what kind of answer is one meant 2 give without feeling judged or put in a certain category of persons.
    I sttill think 38 is pushing it lol
    bt true that never a need for just doing something for the sake 😀

  2. yah you are single? 38 madam…ei! Your too hot to be single…yeeeaaah, whoever pulled that line ako juu.
    Woi and they are not all loosers, there actually some who can handle you..hehe
    much mapenzi..xo

    • Awwww thanks for the kind words 🙂 And the person who unleashed for me that line turned out to be a looser.
      I do not think all men are loosers, just some of the one’s I have had the pleasure of interacting with 🙂

    • Perfect age?? I think that is the first positive reaction I have ever gotten about that!!! And thanks I will definitely use that response.

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