Coz we are living in a superficial world

Today I  realized again how God is fair, he blesses us with other things to write off our shortcomings. Nobody is perfect. Those who you think are perfect, also have their insecurities and imperfections.

Beyonce hates her big ears, David Beckham is gorgeous in every single way but with a pre-adolescent voice, Alicia Keys has terrible achne,

these are just a few examples of how perfect people are just like you and me. Do not be fooled by the make up, photoshop and all the lies that the Entertainment world feeds us.

Even those people we deem as imperfect have other qualities going for them, but we are all so immersed judging them that we never get to witness them.

Trust me I am as superficial as the next person, I pay attention to the gorgeous people, and get creeped out by the ugly ones. I get scared away before I give them a chance to impress me with their charms, jokes or whatever will make me forget about their shortcomings.

I also fall under the imperfect bracket, always trying to hide what I find imperfect about myself, yet hoping to be accepted for what I am.

I have come to learn, that not so good looking people are as superficial as the hot ones!!!! That explains why some people who are not so easy on the eye walk around with trophies in their arms.

I wish I wasn’t superficial, but am I actually willing to change that? I may have the opportunity to do it, but I am sort of afraid. His face is a big problem for me. For what it’s worth, I have identified many great qualities about him, that should out weigh my major obstacle.

All God’s creatures are beautiful so I am sure this must be some kind of sin, let us all bow down our heads and pray that I will one day overcome this.

One thought on “Coz we are living in a superficial world

  1. Beyonce hates her big ear?? Wooow! Enyewe its a superficial world!

    Am gonna love maself more. This reminds me of all those famous women and their bunion problems! LOL! Kawiria was reformed after that hehe!

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