8 more random facts about me

If I keep on divulging so much about myself at this rate ya’ll will figure out who I am!!! But I was tagged by MizCassandrae and it is only right that I do her meme and give you the randomest things I can come up with about myself.

  1. I suck my tongue. Very few people understand how this happens. I am not gonna explain it to you if you do not know :p
  2. I suck at eating with a fork and knife. I use my right hand to cut whatever it is I am eating, then I switch and take the fork to eat what I have cut! I blame my parents who can use these cutlery very well, and never showing me and making me get accustomed to using them, and my primary school for not training me on how to use them!! At my friend’s house, all meals are eaten at the dinner table, and it is compulsory to use utensils. I think Kianda School forces their students to eat with fork and knife.
  3. Number 2 is part of the reason I hate going on dates which involve meals. I can somehow manage to use a folk and knife, but I am also afraid of embarrassing moments like showering, getting food stuck in my teeth or saliva strings 0_O
  4. My fingers curve outwards.
  5. Monotony bores me to death! That is the reason why I am always changing my avatar, background, profile picture etc. It’s part of the reason why I cannot get a tattoo, and I have doubts whether I will be able to maintain a marriage.
  6. I have a beauty spot on my lip.
  7. One of the things I look out for in men nowadays is their watch. If you have a swanky watch, you automatically move up on my coolness scale.
  8. The lines on my hands form the letter M. I do not know if  M stands for Money, or I am Mad, or I’ll get Married and my husband’s name will start with M, I have accepted those are just one of life’s mysteries that may never get an explanation.

So can the following do the necessary and tell us stuff about themselves:


6 thoughts on “8 more random facts about me

    • you do?? how come I never noticed? lol You must show me next time I see you. Here I was thinking I know almost everything about you smh

  1. haha I can bet you din’t know that, unless you observe or stare at me for long, for example when i’m sharpening a pencil or putting thread into the needle-hole, or cutting veggies or doing an exam…..because then my mind is in full concentration..

    • I’v never seen you cut veggies, or sew lol but i’ll definitely make sure I make you do those things next time I see you 🙂 I just do it subconsciously, whenever and wherever.

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