Free the Fail Whale

Yesterday I was watching tv, and I spotted a whale, and the first thing I thought about was the fail whale. I immediately started feeling apprehensive and pissed off, as if twitter was experiencing problems.

Twitter has turned an extinct creature into a pop culture that is not necessarily welcomed with warm feelings.

Save the whale

Before I used to see whales and think of Jonah’s story from the bible, or think about how I’d love to be on their breathing hole when they gush the water out, but now things have changed…

Murdered fail whale

Many people really want the fail whale to die! There is nothing as irritating as twitter being down, it feels like your whole world is on pause, that you cannot really speak or do anything because twitter is inaccessible. So all that pent up anger is directed at the poor whale, and it isn’t even his fault. We should be blaming the makers of tweeter, and free the whale ftw.


Clearly it would be far much happier 🙂

The artist behind the fail whale is Yiying Lu who drew it as a token to her friends overseas, she called it ‘Lifting the dreamer’. Check out her interview with mashable here


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