Thank God It’s Friday!!!

I am excited about

nothing in particular…

Today I am feeling

stuffed still after devouring ribs yesternight, it is now time to take penance for my sins 0_O

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is


Rise in Love by Alaine. I think this week was my first time to listen to some of her songs till the end, because I usually just get to hear snippets in the club or in medleys. She has a wonderful voice, fingers crossed she actually comes and performs in Kenya.

This weekend I

just wanna chill, get my hair did, nothing special..

I am really craving


now that I bit my tongue and it feels all numb, all I wanna do is lick some ice cream.

I wish

I was not always so sleepy, I do not like this feeling at all 😦

I hope

one day I’ll be able to write with my toes. I can already pick up stuff with them, now it is just to find time to teach myself how to write.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘Only in growth, reform and change, paradoxically enough is true security to be found.’

Have a Fantastic Friday!!!


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