DIY ~ Do It Yourself

DIY posts for those who may not know, are posts showing people how to make different things rather than having to go out and buying them. I love DIY blogs because I love making stuff so I am always on the look out for them. Here are a few of my favorite DIY blogs

Ms Marley

I stumbled upon this uber cool blog, which is not in English so I  have no idea what she writes about but the pictures speak for itself. Marley is what seems to be a Lady Gaga inspired diva who is very gorgeous and extremely talented!! Her creativity is outta this world.

A pair of sequined leggings and open toed heels

and Marley transforms them to…

Fabulous pair of boots

photos courtesy of Ms Marley brilliants.

Love Maegan

This was one of the first DIY blogs that I discovered!! Maegan Tintari is inspired by current fashion and shows you cheaper and creative ways of making stuff that’s in style now, with affordable and readily available material. She’s been featured in many fashion magazines, and her gratuitous outfits are something to look out for.

From curtain tiebacks

to this spectacular rope necklace

photos courtesy of

Ruffles and stuff

This blog made me want a sewing machine. We used to have like 3 of them but they got stolen 😦 Like the name suggests it involves many ruffles, and flowers, I think the bloggers daughter does not own any store-bought clothes.

Jewellery DIY

photo courtesy of Ruffles and stuff

Chef Yourself

I discovered this blog on my dashboard, one of word presses fastest growing blogs. Who does not love anything food related?? There are some great recipes on here and amazing pictures that just leave your mouth watering.

Beef Pita

photo courtesy of Chef it yourself

So those are the DIY blogs I really like, I would love to do a DIY post, but my camera and I are no longer in a relationship, it needs to much attention that I am not willing to give :p

But I do promise to write one some day soon.


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