1st of the month

Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

I have embraced this new month with open arms, the madness that was July is now over 🙂

July Highlights

Started the month of with a very fun blankets and wine featuring Kidum and other people who did not really move me. I definitely had a fun time with my girls, and Kidum just has an amazing talent, he is very versatile, I must get my hands on his album.

I finally got to go for all you can eat spur ribs, trust me I did justice, but next time I must remember to carry my own doggy bag 🙂

Kicked it with some July babies on their birthdays and there was a lot of craziness and randomness involved!! When did other people’s birthdays involve wilding out like its your own? lol

I made new friends this month which was cool, you can never have too many friends.

My cousin got married officially to his wife, in my opinion it was just formalities because they were practically married anyway. I also got to hang with my cousins from the states which was awesome though I wish I got to kick it with them a bit more.

I finally delivered on my promise to take my friend for GP Karting, and we had such blast.

I can now confirm I am completely over Mr May though the universe keeps throwing him at my face yuck.

July Downsides

I had a flu for a whole freaking month!! I was on 2 different doses of meds! It felt terrible, thank God I am almost 100%.

I am in a very tricky situation which I think I may have squashed, but I cannot help but feel guilty even though I did nothing wrong.

July Discoveries

Working with men is difficult, and so is working with women as I have experienced in the past. Being a grown up is very hard, I miss my childhood.

I still do not understand men, no shock there 0_O

Life is much easier when it revolves around you it’s not as stuck up as it seems.

Men are very weak when it comes to women they want.

The only things you can count on are God and your fingers 🙂

It is very easy to slip back into an old routine, coming out of it may be possible, but not so easy.

My intuition is not so off base..

What I look forward to in August

I know what I am not looking forward to, confusion, so I hope I can stop over thinking things right now.

I like the unpredictability of this month, it’s not all planned out like last month so here’s hoping for good things in this new month.

How was your July and what do you look forward to in August?


2 thoughts on “1st of the month

  1. My july wasn’t as cold as i feared. I made sm fast friends who hv bcm my go-to people already. Exams were horrible.
    In august i turnd very early 20-sth and i’m looking forward to a public reading on the 22nd. The universe is welcome to throw in nice surprises. Hope ur august is great so far 🙂

    • It was your burfday?!! Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a good one, I am sure you will enjoy this month! As for me, so far, so good..

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