Why is it that men can end like a 7 year old relationship, and be engaged to another person after like 5 months later?

Is it that they can just easily bury the feelings they harbored over the 7 yrs and develop newer, evidently stronger ones for someone else in a lesser period of time?

Is it the men with the problem, or is it just some women who have mastered the art of catching him, reeling him in and keeping him forever?

And isn’t it a strong indication that this brand new engaged couple must have had more than 5 months of courtship? because come on, we are not that dumb if there is no baby in the oven!

I have honestly never heard of a woman ending a long-term relationship and getting into a life time commitment the next minute, feel free to tell me those stories if you have heard of any.

I have also discovered a worrying trend that I seem to have with men. First up, it seems like I attract the most non proactive men. This is a very big problem for me seeing that I am not a proactive woman either. Maybe that is why in life’s love games I will most probably be the chic in the 7 yr old relationship then the brand spanking new fiance…

So I am currently in a weird situation, it’s a trend that’s been going on and off since last year. I would like to think I am wiser now, and that it’s just for fun, but hallo, I am a girl so I may not succeed. Yes I know I am meant to be focusing on myself yadah yadah yadah, but I am treading on mucky waters that may sidetrack me from doing that.

M quote calendar today is just mocking me:

The greatest happiness is to transform your feelings into actions.

I do not know what it is I am feeling so I guess I will just bask in all the words, and not partake in any actions…


5 thoughts on “Whatevs

  1. Oh let me share something I learnt. A guy always has a plan when he gets into a relationship and maybe when he entered into that one he was just kicking it.
    Then he decides (can take 7 years) that he wants more and so he looks for someone else with whom he plans to marry (can take 2 weeks).
    It is therefore the onus of us ladies to find out what plans the guys in our lives have with us (hopefully in less than 7 years) so we protect ourselves from that. How? Other older men, maybe fathers could find out through questions. They know best how to bring out the answers than us asking. Anyway we also do know ourselves!
    My 2 cents!

  2. whoa that is a lot to take in bt i like..
    one step closer to understanding more of the human race.
    I don’t know why women are apparently the difficult ones to understand while men are actually not as simple as they make out to be.
    I guess it always helps 2 keep one’s guard up
    better safe than sorry!

    • Your so right, now that none of our genders understand each other, it’s best to keep your heart up on 3 stacks, away from any danger!

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