It is a cold Monday Morning in Nairobi today, but as much as the thought of Monday yesterday was sickening, the day is not bad so far.. hope I have not jinxed myself.

They say a picture says a thousand words, if there was a picture that would best describe me it would be this one. What do you think it says??

I had a very nice chilled out Sunday, vegetated in bed as usual, watching television. I decided to give the male sitcom ‘Top Gear’ a chance since the omnibus usually airs on Sundays on BBCE.

I like the show, Jeremy is a hoot, and for some of us who are clueless about anything involved with cars, it was very enlightening, and it gives you quite the rush. In the episode I was watching, they had a segment about gift suggestions. How ecstatic was I when Jeremy pulled out this little gadget here:

Jeremy's gift suggestion

To be honest, I had no idea what that was he was holding. He asked the audience if anyone knew what it was, and there was only one lady who was in the know.

That plastic thingy is what is known as a shewee. It’s a portable urinating device which enables women to pee while standing. I think it is like the best thing since sliced bread! I wonder if it is sold in Kenya?? I can already imagine how convenient my life would be with it. No more holding it in for long distances during road trips, no more long queues at the lavatory, no need to squat in pit latrines do you know how far much worse the stench is down there? I know for a fact my life would greatly improve if I had this here device.


6 thoughts on “Shweeeeeeee

  1. Lol..I can bet they haven’t gotten to Kenya yet. Does that mean we can share a latrine with the guys if the ladies is too full..hehe #Quiteinteresting piece of object there.

    • I think the gents would be the second place I would try it at, of course maintaining the urinal stall rules lol I wouldnt wanna see what my neighbor is busy doing!

  2. They got to Kenya like last year. Got an email with a safaricom number to call for them. Maybe I can dig up the email which had the poster it came with. Talk to me nicely 🙂

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