Weekend Revelations


  1. Parents are really good at nagging (0_O)
  2. Long flowy skirts can really be tiresome especially while wearing heels.
  3. I’m such a sucker for getting my picture taken photo whore
  4. On the same note, I want a Nikon.
  5. Men in my family are hot! I doubt I will ever find a hot Meru guy because I am related to most of them :p
  6. You cannot rationalize with drunk people, they never get it!
  7. It is impossible to find car keys in bushes, in the still of the night.
  8. Men can be so weak when it comes to women.
  9. I have such a weak resolve 😦 This randomness must reduce!
  10. Some men actually have women figured out.
  11. Confidence bordering on arrogance is kinda appealing.
  12. It’s not good to judge people before you actually get to know them.
  13. 2nd hand smoke will be the death of most of us
  14. I am never taking alcohol on a Sunday ever again, that was the first and last time!
  15. On the same note, I am never playing drinking games the morning after the rhumba concentration negative.
  16. To dodge having to take a shot during a drinking game, pretend your mother’s calling lol or ask one of the guys to take it for you 😉
  17. Just so that I do not forget, I took one for the team, now the team owes me big time!
  18. That sponsor guy is slimier than a slime ball yuck!!!
  19. Nairobi National Park is so expensive, 300 Kshs per person?! and you still pay for the vehicle as well!!?
  20. Sunglasses are a brilliant invention, they shield you from the suns glare, makes you look cool, and covers your eyes if you have something to hide like eye bugs :p
  21. There are many messed up people in this world.
  22. You think you know someone, but you have no freaking idea!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Revelations

    • Fresh is not a word i can use to describe how I am feeling right now, the picture says it all!
      Just like the Taeirra Marie song says ‘I got myself a sponsor’ or should I say, he found me, but I killed that story in a rush!

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