Thank God It’s Friday!!!


So it’s been 10 months since I started TGIFridays and its been fun and I definitely have something to look forward to every Friday. My little idea has grown and been taken up by other blogs like Rainbows in my kaleidoscope, My life as a Rockhead, Coloured in sepiaSnippets of my life , and Me I Think, and I’d like to extend a big thank you for joining the band wagon 🙂

I am excited about

meeting my friends today 😀 It’s been too long!

Today I am feeling

sick 😦 my chest hurts and I do not understand why I seem to have gotten worse since I got checked by the doctor on Tuesday. The doctor was young and very informative, I thought I would be healed by now!

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Untouched by The Veronicas. The violins in these song are brilliant!

This weekend I

will be doing a lot of celebrating with my family, it’s gonna be a good one 🙂

I am really craving

nothing for now, I ate a really heavy lunch 😀

I wish

we had 3 day weekends!!

I hope

there will be no more bombings in Uganda and the rest of the world.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘Choice, not chance, determines destiny’

Have a Fun Filled Friday!!!

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