Thank God It’s Friday!!!

weeks are getting shorter and shorter, I’m loving it!

I am excited about

my girls birthday today 🙂 Happy birthday hun :-*

i heart sponge bobby

Today I am Feeling

sick still, my bright idea of not seeking medical attention backfired on me, now my flu transitioned into a cough : ( But anyway whatevs :p

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Chiddy Bang

Opposite of adults by Chiddy Bang, those instrumentals are fire!!!!!

This weekend I

am gonna have fun, then I will suffer the repercussions (-_0)

I am really craving

Crispy Bacon

photo credits

I wish

I would get better like now!! Being sick totally blows!!

I hope

on Monday I will have the courage to drive like i told my mum I would. I need to get over this vehicular phobia like today!

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have a Fantabulous Friday children 🙂


8 thoughts on “TGIFridays!!

  1. 🙂 always a joy reading this.

    Get well soonest babe.

    My leave starts today!! well, technically on mon but today is my last day *sing a long now* woooptidoo

    Enjoy your FRIDAY and have a fantastic weekend :-* oh wait its called mchwaps

    *signing off
    Fresh Jimmy 😀

    • Thank you hun for being a loyal member,
      Enjoy your well deserved break, and make sure your unreachable in case they decide to call you back.
      Have a delightful weekend yourself, mchwapps right back atcha :-*

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