Inspired by pictures..


I do not know why, but balloons have really been on my mind today. They do not mean anything to me really, but I’ve just been wanting to look at pictures of them. I would love to inhale helium and get that chipmunk voice :p


A soft serve creamy cone would really hit the spot right about now šŸ˜¦


photo credit

Isn’t this just an amazing piece of art?! I’ve been an artsy person since I was a kid, Art & Craft was one of my favorite subjects, only when it came to the practical side of it. I liked drawing, and I am kinda good at drawing by observation but not out of my head. I think I am also drawn to artsy people, I just find them cool, and it’s interesting engaging them in matters of creativity. I would also love to be someone’s muse…

What do you see?


So true for tons of single people out there who do not kiss the same person constantly…

Is this the cover art for Kanye's single??

I hate having power over people, it’s creepy. It make’s me wonder if you have no control over your own actions or decisions. I really do not enjoy having people bend over backwards just to please me. Make me convince you, do not hurl yourself over a cliff just because I told you to jump. Think about it first, resist even! Another reason I do not like having power over people is because I also have no clue what it is I am doing, or asking you to do! I may be making terrible mistakes or errors and your just following my lead smh.


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