I am down with a terrible flu 😦 My eyes are all watery, my sinuses hurt so it’s just a constant headache all day uuurrgghhh I am so not feeling work today.

Productivity is at nil for me.

I switched phones this week with a friend of mine, and it is a bit confusing. I have her Nokia E63 and she has my 5230, but now we keep calling each other to get phone numbers from our address books lol. I am trying to avoid someone so every time I get a call or text from a number I do not know, I freak out because I do not know whether to ignore it or not, and I do not feel like finding out who it is.

So after declaring how I am gonna stay single and focus on me, men are just knocking at my door, and I really do not need this right now.

I was telling my cousin how the world seems to be shifting balance or something, and she was like it’s Jesus giving me a hint, and I should enjoy now while stocks last. No thank you

I am actually choosing to stay single. As much as I am basking in the compliments and the attention, I just do not need this right now. I like my life drama and stress free like it is now. I should be the poster child for ‘you do not need to be in a relationship to be happy’.

I wanna go home, I feel like crap, and then some (0_O)


4 thoughts on “Sniffles

  1. Men are knocking on your door and you are not opening? Tutaingia na dirisha by force 🙂 About the flu, pole sana and hope that you will be good with time.

    • I have burglar proof all around me 😉 none of them are tempting enough for me to loose my resolve. But thanks 🙂

  2. Aaww! *sniff* Ata me at one point I was really down and ugly!

    Do wish u all the best dear..pona haraka!

    p.s. The mo u resist…the mo u bcome irresistible! #truestory!!

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