1st Of the Month

Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

2010 is halfway done, we are now ushering in the second half of the year!! I pray for nothing but great awesome things for the entire universe.

July is just a crazy month, last year was particularly insane, I graduated in July so it was a mix of graduation parties and birthday parties, those were some good times.

I predict the same insanity this year, these July babies are too many 🙂

June Highlights

Safari Sevens!!! That tournament was all that and a bag of chips baby. I think I already yapped about it in a previous post, so I’l just leave it at that.

I got to be random with a bunch of my friends, those dudes are just randomites, I learnt that lesson the hard way last year when I was checking in digz at 11:00am in the morning. But this time the pull of the forces was too strong, and I had fun hanging with them and I left before they could derail me further.

Two of my friends have now transitioned into relatives through marriage, this world just needs to stop shrinking ya?!

I felt my niece kicking in her mother’s womb. I get amazed by such little things, God’s little miracles in our lives, I can’t wait for her to be born. Congratulations in advance to my cousin.

I’ve made some cool friends this month, and I was reminded my family and friends really rock. I am also glad a bunch of my friends made up, I hate drama, and now life is a whole lot less complicated for us all.

I went on off for a few days, and it was lovely. I just lay in bed all day sleeping and watching tv, I cannot wait for my next break.

June Downsides

I was bitten by a dog! Imagine!! It was my own undoing to be honest. I was feeling macho since I love dogs so I never really thought I could get bitten since dogs can smell fear and what not. I never saw it coming, the bite is not bad, but people cringe when I show it to them. And as a result I have been getting I dunno how many shots, but by the end of this month I should be done with injections.

I keep hearing horror stories of the things men do to women, and my own experiences have really raised my guard up.

Nairobi is too small for its own good!! There is no escape, nowhere to run bleh

Wow those were the only downsides of June? Awesome!

June Discoveries

I realized how much fun it is getting all dolled up and going out. To be honest I am not a fan of looking drop dead gorgeous, that attention is a bit too much for me, but at least now I will make more of an effort to look extra stunning.

I got tested 🙂 I know my status and judging by my smile you can tell I failed the test 🙂

I think I can almost declare that I have trust issues, but I am not completely there. Maybe there is some hope in some men…

What I look forward to in July

My cousin’s are flying in this month after they come from SA watching the world cup. They are such cool dudes, it’s a shame they are in relationships because I would have loved to hook them up with my single friends.

Like I mentioned before, enough people were born in this month so that means parties, or just mad fun times so I definitely am looking forward to that.

I am also looking forward to spending quality time with my family this coming weekend so that’s something to look forward to.

How was your Month of June? and what do you look forward to in July?


2 thoughts on “1st Of the Month

  1. haha I also got tested, si it was freaky esp when the councellor dude was asking maswali’s wololo. But it’s a good feeling after 🙂

    Happy remaining half of the year 🙂 Have a blessed one…xoxo

    • At least you got the counselling nini nini, I just got blood drawn out and I got the results from someone else like a week later! Enjoy the rest of 2010 as well #smooches

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