Remember when dancing was simple and fun,  when it was all about this 😛

The running man

A month or two ago, Oyunga Pala wrote an interesting article on the Saturday Magazine about women today and how they dance. It really cracked me up because he was spot on. Dancing has become so provocative and sensual to put it politely.

It’s all about shaking, grinding, gyrating, daggering, wibble wobbling, jerking, migingo, Lord knows what else. I blame Jamaica and their negative influence on us Kenyans who do not know any better. Damn their great music and awesome but outrageous dance moves. Visiting Jamaica is on my bucket list.

The phenomenon that is known as bend over is the one that has caused the most ripples in the Kenyan club scene. I am sure you have noticed the euphoria that song elicits whenever any DJ plays it.

I was in shock when I first saw the video on you tube, I doubt any mainstream television station here has played it, correct me if I am wrong. But if the cleavage of the women in this maphilipino soaps are blurred, and words like gay, condom are censored, I doubt they can air this video where people are emulating the missionary position as a form of dance.

I must say I have succumbed to all the hype of that song bend over. The excitement it creates is just insane, especially women, it seems to drive them wild. They just automatically bend over and shake. It’s very entertaining to watch; soon Bendover Thursdays will become a tourist attraction I believe. And it’s getting crazier as weeks go by.

Personally I prefer daggering than bending over, it’s way more fun and less degrading, especially if your daggering a guy :p Daggering is being the person at the back while someone else is bending over.

Guys have gotten really good at shaking by the way, you would be surprised at how low some men can go ; ) So if you are a dude, do not feel shy, make like nike and just do it! Bend over  as long as it’s for a girl not a guy because as much as I get extremely jazzed at seeing guy on guy, two men dancing to bendover would just be wrong!

Despite the immorality this bendover song elicits, I still think it’s a fun song, if danced responsibly, so always remember:



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6 thoughts on “Dance-O-Mania”

  1. LMAO!!

    I so love this post! 😀

    I too am an addict of Bendover and *ahem* have seen guy on guy action. Me being extra extra open minded…find it interesting! LOL!!

    And yes, Bendover Thursdays is gonna go viral!

  2. love love the new look 🙂
    and true that doubt the video will be
    airing soon locally
    cool post 🙂

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