Kenyans say the darndest things!!

Classic 105 is a popular radio station in Kenya, and one of the most popular shows on it is the morning show hosted by Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i.

Every morning they have topics which should be rated R and discussed during late night shows which they invite listeners to contribute to. I dunno whether Kenyans just do not have money to go see shrinks, or they do not trust their friends and family, because the calls these people get are insane!!

At first I thought maybe it was the presenter Maina Kageni who elicites these calls, because the dude gets declarations of love from various women and men? like daily.Have you realised he never really gives people sensible advice, he just laughs a lot and makes fun of them.

I remember this one time some lady called in saying:

Men are sexual ATMs who release sexual funds.


For the past few weeks Maina has been on leave so some boring lady named Ciku is filling in for him, and today they aired a recap that just made me die laughing. The topic was on men who cannot sire children. So this guy calls in and reveals how him and his partner had been trying to get a baby for a while. They were not successful so he decide to go to Nairobi Hospital for tests. It turned out that his sperms were too big so they could not swim this is the stuff they are airing at 7:00am in the morning, imagine! A year later, his partner got pregnant and she later confessed that the child was not his. She kept throwing it in his face that the child was not his so he got out of the relationship.

The guy went on to explain the doctors prognosis, he was told that the cause of his problem was because he wears underwear and not boxers so he was told to make the change lol He was even about to expound on how his nuts get squashed but Ciku stopped him thank God because I would have cringed to death with my mother in the car.

The co-presenter Mwalimu King’ang’i a comedian started talking about these ‘Made In China’ underwear and how they are affecting men, I died laughing.

Here is my question, I thought wearing tight underwear reduces sperm count, not increases the size of sperm???? Does it mean sperms can swell and shrink? I never did Biology in high school so I need to be schooled :p


7 thoughts on “Kenyans say the darndest things!!

  1. Have you realised he never really gives people sensible advice, he just laughs a lot and makes fun of them.


    LOL!!! spam can’t swim!! LMAO!!

    That was today (June 24th) right?? Haha!! Aki Ciku!! She’s started laughing profusely like Maina. Me thinks aliambiwa habambi wathii!! Hihi!!

  2. The show is sad coz people do not understand that the show is not to solve their problems but entertain people!
    Have you ever realised that most of their topics end up with the woman being the culprit e.g that they need to be ‘disciplined’ once in a while!
    So annoying! I could go on a rant about the show.
    Unfortunately I can’t avoid listening coz it seems to be the only thing public transport likes putting on radio

    • By the way come to think of it, it is true. But if you think about it, it’s the fault of these women who call in. Like this one for the ATM, how now brown cow? or those women who tell Maina they are willing to leave their husbands for him. It’s kinda their own undoing.
      As for public transport radio, Classic beats Easy or Metro anyday. These days I prefer to enter Matatus without music at all.

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