Random Monday Musings

Enough starring JLo

Who saw the thorough whooping Jennifer Lopez’s character gave her abusive husband in the movie Enough?!! That was like the best beat down a woman has ever given a man like ever!! This is the only time I can use that cliche and yucky term #girlpower πŸ™‚

It has definitely been a long day!! I am practically falling asleep at my desk, and my brain hurts real bad (-_-) For the next couple of weeks I am planning on doing nothing at all, no more night shenanigans read as kadunda/kayumbet/rumbament/clubbing I am tired of going home stinking of ciggy smoke, getting home at odd hours, and never getting enough sleep. I just wanna stay home, bond with my two favorite things, my bed and my television.

So in other news, I am so done with men. Yes, every woman says this, and I do not care if I am generalized. Don’t you wonder why so many women feel this way? we cannot all be disillusioned can we?

And no before you say it, us women are not far worse than men! Not all of us are easy, gold digging slores slut/whore and I think the ratio of bad women to bad men is like 21:79

No I have not been hurt much, just a bit but I am just tired of lyrics to songs all of a sudden standing out as opposed to before when they were just a blur overshadowed by the beats , movie and tv scenes suddenly relating to my situation and what it could/should be, staring at my phone every 5 freaking seconds waiting to hear from him, buying credit yes i’m a cheap skate so what? I’m still a rockstar , leaving my schedule open just for him sadly i’m that pathetic chic yuck! , i’m tired of my heart always beating so fast like it wants to escape from the confines of my body, sick of saying what I feel and exposing myself, Oh God, why am i exposing myself here?!!

I am going back to my nice, simple, carefree life. No fuss, no stress just doing me. NO BOYS ALLOWED!!!!



14 thoughts on “Random Monday Musings

    • I said never about something? I thought I said I am going on a break, or should i call it a man fast. And this time its not even playing reverse psychology with the universe like i usually do, it’s a real diet.

      • i must seriously have been smoking something!sowi
        i hv no idea where that came from πŸ™‚
        but i probably wanted to ask is if its possible
        to completely be done with men……
        and I hope it is πŸ™‚

  1. lol i fecking LOVED this movie!!! When she goes back to the house and WHACKS HIS ASS!!! gosh but the hubby was damn scary in the beginning..? Jeez. MAybe white men aren’t worth the curly-haired kids..? GOSH.

    oh but boys are so… I mean, i’ve dumped C like how many times now? but he’ll call me after a few days and make me laugh and then i’ll meet up with him then he’ll kiss me in the way that he does and it’s so wonderful.. AKH. I’m just his bitch gosh what is this..? Yuck.

    • The curly haired kids are worth it, just get sperminated and leave his ass. Apparently there is a sperm bank in Kenyatta Hospital, I wonder if they categorize sperm according to Race? And they do actually pay men for their sperm, how’s that for a quick buck lol
      As for you and Mr. C, all women have their weak moments, but I bet after all the times you have dumped him, he knows if he starts acting a fool, you will kick his ass to the curb in a heartbeat. πŸ™‚

  2. I wud join u in the no boys allowed campaign bt no one goes back faster on their word concerning men than me so all the best to you, il just wait out this period..if it daent end hee hee…….

  3. Haha, ok maybe am not supposed to be laughing….but really, lets do a try on the ‘no boys allowed’ for a few weeks first before concluding. Coz it’s like a magnetic force – seeing as ‘opposite poles attract’ *wink*

    • Babes, kwani your situation changed?? inbox please lol But you have always been a dude magnet :p so yes your welcome to join in πŸ™‚

  4. And another one bites the dust 😦 and she even wants to get physical with us 😦 😦 but on the flip that whooping was great,it’s the guy’s fault he tried to kick her while she was down…that’s where the butt whooping started right?
    And I think al look for someone to place a bet with about this no guys allowed deal… Am guessing you’ll be back on that ride(note the word >that<…my train got forcefully derailed ) so very soon. The Nkiro in my mind (the black and white one,remember?) she is a very very very easily derailable person πŸ™‚ yes she is while sue was her polar opposite but am adjusting sue's image thanks to that comment up there.

    And sperminated? Do you know how disturbing that sounds? Like some wellington wearing white vet is holding a thin straw and shoving his whole arm down/up yours? Or atleast that's how am processing it πŸ™‚

    • The one I secretly admire πŸ™‚ , you would be surprised how much of an easy fete this will be for me. Yes to some extent, I am derailable, but not in this aspect (i hope) but feel free to put your money where your mouth is πŸ™‚ The challenge will make me stronger.
      And yes, I said it, sperminated, get familiar!
      Thanks for commenting, you see, nothing bad happened lol

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