What a game!!! What a show!!!

This years Safari Sevens Rugby Tournament over exceeded my expectations, all that excitement definitely paid off.

KQ foam fingers

Everyone thought it would suck because the title sponsors had changed from EABL to Safaricom, ticket prices had shot up, and rumors of no alcohol during the tournament had spread like wildfire. Kenya is practically a drinking nation so alcohol is a must in such functions.

Personally, I did not give a rats ass as to whether or not alcohol will be available, I am not much of a drinker, especially during the day, I was just ready.

We have to give it up for Safaricom for building the new stands, for years people have been forced to stand and watch the games from afar. KRFUEA was generally spruced up, there was a digital score bored, and TV stands were mounted at the main stands.

Safaricom Network was actually functioning and the way I had no faith in it. By the way for those who attended 7s, the green and white haired chics and green tee wearing dudes giving people the ‘Safaricom 7s’ tattoos were paid 20,000 Kshs just for doing that!!

Speaking of hair, I think I saw all types of hair do’s don’ts, of different colors, shapes and sizes.


And the outfits?!! Kenyans really went all out this year, people were dressed in Kenyan regalia, tusker memorabilia in support of the former sponsors, other’s were in the latest fashions supras, plaid, and of course the freeze and shiners.

Egyptian dude

Where is his butt??

How he was breathing was beyond me!

This year, I think I watched 75% of the rugby that was played during the tournament handclap Of course the best matches were those involving Shujaa and Kenya teams, the frenzy it caused was just epic! All their matches started with us singing the national anthem and heeee heeeeeing you had to be there every time they scored 🙂 Hospital’s must be making turns of money on losenges and sore throat medicine.

The Kenya Vs Shujaa match was very interesting. It was insane, majority of the crowd were cheering for Shujaa so every time the Kenya team scored, guys first booed then celebrated because it was a win win situation either way.


Of course the cake taker was the final match between the Kenya Team and Emerging Springboks. Kenyans went wild, cheering, chanting, in the pouring rain. I was well sheltered high up the stands so I was very dry

Kenya Team

The rain was a blessing in disguise, the game got more exciting and nerve wrecking, and people started taking their clothes off and wilding out 😀

The best moment was when Kenya emerged as the victors, never have I been so proud to be a Kenyan!!! Everybody broke into a frenzy, you just had to be there I do not think words can describe it. watching it on tv is not the same!!

Usually no one is allowed on the pitch until all the matches are over, but this one white guy jumped in and ran across the pitch with security guards hot on his trail trying to stop him. He managed to reach the other side, so he escaped. But he just set the pace, one by one, few people attempted to do the same and they ran into the pitch attempting to make trys lol and just for the fun of being chased by the guards. Enough people were tackled, and eventually so many people ran into the pitch, the guards just gave up and let them wild out. I managed to catch all that on camera, watching it still cracks me up. will try upload a video.. eventually.

That was definitely a legendary experience, I cannot wait for next year!


2 thoughts on “What a game!!! What a show!!!

    • I saw all kinds of supras, green, purple, pink, silver even fake pleather ones!! It was not the same without you. Rumor has it next year it will be held in October so I hope you will be back by then.

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