Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!

Kenyans have never been more excited to usher in the weekend like today if you like rugby that is.

I am excited about

The Safari Sevens Tournament going down this weekend woop woop. Here are a few pics I took from last years tournament after Kenya emerged victors.

Yes I was upclose and personal with all the action 🙂

We want another 1, just like the other one! Let's go Kenya!

With Kenya's own mascot *read as mchawi*

Today I am Feeling

anxious, excited, and in no mood to do anything constructive 🙂

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Words cannot describe how much i dig this song!

This Weekend I

am indulging in some hardcore rugby and looking forward to catching up with people I have not seen in a while.

I am really craving


At 9:00 I am dashing to the canteen to get myself a samosa fix!

I wish

it will not rain till Monday please God??

I hope

this is not just another fake promise….

Today’s Inspirational Quote is

I heart Marilyn Monroe

Have A Fun-Filled Friday!!!!


7 thoughts on “TGIFridays

  1. *cough* Those men were too lush, spent half the time drooling at the Samurai team ;). Soo sad I didn’t see you which means you awe me a date, no? That quote is quite something and peeps say she was a blonde???

    • Lush is an understatement!!! The rain was truly a blessing, it was just abs and biceps galore #slurp hi hi hi yeah sucks we dnt get to meet up, but I am sure you had a ball!!

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